name correction

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  1. L

    Alitalia - Not allowing name change despite extenuating circumstances

    In November 2018, I booked an Alitalia flight from NYC to Rome for April 2019 through FareBoom. Because I was supposed to get married in December, I booked this flight under my soon-to-be married name. But then my fiance left me unexpectedly and without any explanation a few days before our...
  2. Y

    South African Airways Passenger Name Change

    Can someone please help me with the name change request for South African Airways? I am planning a family trip to South Africa, had to book multiple flights and I made a mistake on my father's name on his flight from Johannesburg to Hong Kong. The ticket says name change not allowed. The...
  3. J

    Name correction issues and cancelled flights

    On May 24, 2018, I booked three flight tickets from San Francisco to Tokyo for my best friend's bachelor party. Unfortunately, I entered the bachelor's first name as "Chris" instead of his full name "Christopher". I tried to get the name corrected by calling Priceline/Singapore Airlines/Alaska...
  4. L

    Delta Ticket Name Correction Dilemma

    Delta tried to add second middle name to RT ticket US to Japan via Korea and back to US directly (purchased directly from Delta online in October 2017) but correction was denied by connecting airline (Korean Air), which evidently allows no changes after ticket issued. Korean Air indicated...
  5. C

    The Dreaded Ticket Name Typo - $1000 for an extra 'h'?!

    Hi Elliot Team! My wife and I are desperately hoping for your help regarding an upcoming trip we've planned with South African Airlines in December. The Short Version: The reason for all our panic? My ticket was somehow booked with an extra "h" in my first name (Chhristopher instead of...
  6. J

    Help! Name Correction on the ticket

    My husband booked my 2 flights with my maiden last name : one from Seattle to Dallas, and the other from Dallas to San Diego. At the Seattle airport, I was able to correct name at the main cabin with my DL for free of charge. As soon as I arrived at the Dallas airport on the same day, I...