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  1. L

    Alitalia - Not allowing name change despite extenuating circumstances

    In November 2018, I booked an Alitalia flight from NYC to Rome for April 2019 through FareBoom. Because I was supposed to get married in December, I booked this flight under my soon-to-be married name. But then my fiance left me unexpectedly and without any explanation a few days before our...
  2. Y

    South African Airways Passenger Name Change

    Can someone please help me with the name change request for South African Airways? I am planning a family trip to South Africa, had to book multiple flights and I made a mistake on my father's name on his flight from Johannesburg to Hong Kong. The ticket says name change not allowed. The...
  3. A

    Made date mistake on non-refundable hotel reservation on AA

    I made an $1400 8 nights hotel and car package reservation on AA vacation on 04/16/2018 with the wrong date (06/13/2018-06/21/2018). I'm a graduate student and the trip is for a conference. I mistakenly remembered the wrong month (the correct conference date is in July 2018, but I booked in June...
  4. J

    Help! Name Correction on the ticket

    My husband booked my 2 flights with my maiden last name : one from Seattle to Dallas, and the other from Dallas to San Diego. At the Seattle airport, I was able to correct name at the main cabin with my DL for free of charge. As soon as I arrived at the Dallas airport on the same day, I...
  5. D

    Expedia - Alitalia Name Change

    Hi, I purchased an Alitalia ticket through Expedia in September and in October it hit me that I bought it on my married name, where is my passport is in my maiden name (my green card, however, is on my married name, but I know that the ticket must match your passport). I have been trying to fix...
  6. N

    Double last name in Thai Airways Ticket. What should I do?

    Hi, I just bought Thai Airways return ticket from Jakarta to Bangkok via Traveloka. i did a mistake by adding my mother's last name twice and place it on middle name coloumn. Let's say her name is Rose Jennie then what's written on the ticket: Rose Jennie Jennie. I've contacted the Thai airways...
  7. K

    Interjet and Surnames

    I made reservations for me and an acquaintance of mine in Mexico a couple of weeks ago. I found out from him that I got his "second" last name wrong. I was not familiar with the custom among many Latinos that one's first and primary surname is from one's father, but that there is a second...
  8. J

    Adoption Travel Issues

    I would like to determine the appropriate path to take concerning a flight situation (and significant expense incurred) that my family encountered in December. My wife and I recently adopted five (5) children from Latvia and this process required three (3) trips to Latvia. We ran into a...
  9. A

    JetBleu - Ticket Transfer/Name Change

    Early this year I purchased a domestic flight ticket for my mother to travel to visit my brother. My father got sick, we had to cancel her trip and so a percentage of the money went into a "JetBlue Travelers Bank" (JetBlue took a good chunk for themselves out of that money). I wanted to use...