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  1. R

    Venmo holding MY money for 180 days

    I transferred my Paycheck from Chime to Venmo because I didn’t receive a debit card yet and that’s the way THEY recommended to do to take out my money and get cash. Actually its their only way. Anyways I transferred it to Venmo and it won’t let me instant transfer it to my bank or debit cards or...
  2. Z

    Venmo Account Disabled without Explanation

    Hi everyone, I really hope you can help out, because I've hit an impasse with Venmo. Let me explain what's go on below: I am tech geek with geeky friends too. With every launch of the new iPhone, I always buy a new phone for myself on launch day. I usually line up with some of my friends, and...
  3. M


  4. M

    Family emergency? American does not care.

    I have an American Airlines ticket booked to Hawaii in August for my honeymoon, or what would have been my honeymoon (it's still five months out, plenty of time to re-sell a ticket in my opinion) but circumstances have made it impossible for my fiancé and I to go. His mother is extremely sick...