missed flight

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    Trip Canceled Due to No Rebooking from Expedia for Missed Flight

    I had to cancel an entire family trip to Italy because Expedia refuses to rebook our flight. We arrived at the airport 10 minutes later than the check-in time. Our airlines, American and British, were willing to rebook us on the next flight out. However, due to the fact our tickets were...
  2. G

    Missed Connection - JFK to DUB

    Last month I embarked on a quick three day trip to Dublin to visit my sister at school. I was scheduled to fly IAD - JFK - DUB. After boarding my plane at IAD, the pilot informs us we are stuck on the tarmac for 45-60 minutes as there is too much air traffic between Washington D.C. and New York...
  3. A

    United made a mistake and we had to pay for it.

    You guys are probably bored of hearing about airlines making mistakes these last few months but here is another one! thank you in advance for even taking the time to read this! Buckle up for a novel. We were flying across the US for a wedding, when a sudden death in the family forced us to...
  4. I

    Frontier schedule irregularity and poor communication caused us to miss our flight--need compensatio

    Two other passengers and I were stranded due to Frontier Airline’s miscommunication and lack of communication. Frontier flight 226 from Denver to Columbus on 3/25/17 was indefinitely delayed due to maintenance issues. After standing around at the gate ready to board for quite a long time, one...
  5. S

    American Airlines Made Me Miss the Final Four!!

    I have been an American Airlines AAdvantage member for over 35 years and I’m supposed to be a Platinum Member until February 28, 2017. I've flown hundreds of thousands of miles with American Airlines Saturday, April 2, 2015 was the worst travel day I have ever experienced, and one of the worst...