lost luggage

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  1. J

    Lost luggage from Royal Air Maroc

    Dear Mr. Elliot, I seek your assistance with a very frustrating case of lost luggage with Royal Air Maroc. I have just learned today that a baggage handler strike in Casablanca may have impacted this case, but still need information from RAM. I departed Bologna, Italy on Friday May 31, 2019 on...
  2. S

    Turkish Airlines Loses Luggage, Claims Dept. Unresponsive

    I checked my luggage with Turkish Airlines on March 13 for a flight from LAX to DXB, with a layover in IST ... and I haven’t seen my bag since. I have “Star Alliance Gold” status, which means my bag was tagged as priority. After I got to Dubai, my final destination, and realized my bag was a...
  3. A

    Turkish Airline_ Lost baggage

    Hello, On January 05, 2019, my family and I (four passengers) traveled from Isfahan to Los Angeles via Istanbul. When we checked in our luggage, the Turkish agent asked us to check in our carry-on as well since there was no room in the cabin. Unfortunately, we accepted and gave our carry-on...
  4. P

    Laudamotion lost luggage

    My son took a Laudamotion flight from Rome’s Da Vinci airport to Vienna Airport on 12/24 and his luggage did not arrive. He has been having a terrible time reaching RyanAir (Laudamotion’s owner) to try to track it down. Any suggestions?
  5. B

    Suitcase with courier for 10+ days - Baggage Express, British Airways, Tegel Berlin, Aeroground

    Basically: Baggage Express (baggageexpress.de) has had my bag 10 days now. They're a courier for British Airways and Tegel, but I can get no information on it. Anyone deal with this themselves or have ideas on how to resolve this? I'm out of ideas. The details: My bag was lost two weeks ago...
  6. A

    Wizzair Lost Our Luggage After Charging Us for A New Flight and to Recheck the Luggage

    Recently my husband and I went to Romania to visit family and attend a wedding, we had a connecting flight booked through kiwi.com. When we landed in Birmingham we had to gather our luggage and race to recheck it and go through security again and everything. But the connecting flight booked had...
  7. C

    Your lost luggage is in Amsterdam

    We flew American Air, connecting with British Air on our way from Chicago To Amsterdam heading for a river cruise. Upon landing in Amsterdam our luggage was lost. As frequent fliers we checked at Amsterdam’s lost luggage office where we were informed that our luggage was in Dallas and would...
  8. C

    Aer Lingus lost luggage

    We lost a piece of luggage traveling direct from Dublin to Boston on Aer Lingus in September, and found Aer Lingus very solicitous for about a week, then they completely stopped being helpful and have refused any kind of assistance or payment unless we provide receipts for everything in the bag...
  9. D

    Turkish Airlines - Delayed Baggage Compensation

    Last September (i.e., September 2016), I took a business trip on Turkish Airline, from Washington-Dulles to Turin, Italy, via Istanbul. I checked one bag, and there was plenty of time between my arrival and my connecting flight in Istanbul. But somehow, they managed not to get my bag on the...
  10. R

    Alitalia Lost Luggage! - Past 45 days

    Alitalia lost our luggage on our flight out of New York to Israel on July 21, 2017. We were told to wait 45 days and then we'd be able to put in a claim to receive compensation. We made a claim and have not heard back from them since. It has been almost 90 days and we have still not heard back...
  11. E

    Airberlin lost my daughter's luggage and we can't find help anywhere

    My daughter flew from LAX to ORD on American Airlines, then connected to AirBerlin to Tegal in Chicago. She is interning in Berlin for the semester. She checked two bags at the counter, then had to gate check a third bag. For reasons American Airlines was not able to explain to me, they put...
  12. B

    Lost luggage by Sheraton Guilin China

    June 21, 2017 - 1p.m. - 24 pieces of luggage delivered by bus driver to Sheraton Guilin. 8p.m. - our group of 12 arrives. Bellboys do not wait for guests to get their keys nor identify their luggage prior to taking to the room, just tell them luggage is here. One guest has a missing bag...
  13. M

    AirBerlin lost my luggage

    I flew AirBerlin from Warsaw to Rome with the layover in Berlin. Berlin airport was a total mess and all flights were very delayed. We were finally put on AirItalia and taken to Rome. When I finally got there, my luggage was lost. The next day I was flying from Rome to Chicago so I was really...
  14. K

    Vueling lost luggage and compensation

    On June 5th, we took a flight from Barcelona to Sevilla. When we took off, we saw my suitcase on the tarmac and when we arrived only my husband and 2 kids bags had arrived. We went to the help desk and filed a claim and were told that they could not tell us if or when we would receive our bags...
  15. A

    Lost Wages Resulting From Travel With Air Berlin

    I have lost wages resulting from travel with Air Berlin. I am writing here as I have exhausted all avenues with them, having reached out to them via email, phone, and through their automated system. I have been stonewalled at every turn, receiving either no help or intentional misdirection...
  16. C

    Air Berlin Lost Luggage Claim

    I have a lost luggage compensation claim that has been going on for 3 months. Air Berlin are trying to offer me less than the full compensation in the hope that I will accept. All 5 bags were delayed for 4 days, we were told at the airport to purchase essentials and we would be refunded. I was...
  17. J

    British Airways lost luggage and added insult to injury

    In September I flew British Airways from Chicago Il to Barcelona Spain. There was a change of planes in London. Somewhere between those cities, British airways lost my luggage. I had planned for a Mediterranean Cruise vacation for a year. I was supposed to arrive in Barcelona with plenty of...
  18. G

    Alitalia Lost Luggage

    I flew from Rome to Boston with Alitalia on flight AZ614 on Saturday, January 7th. My luggage got lost, and I filled out a complaint at the airport. I was told I'll receive an email with my claim number and will get my suitcase by Monday or Tuesday. I have not received it yet. I called the...
  19. C

    British Air - cancelled connection, downgraded rebook, lost luggage

    My husband and I were scheduled to fly British Air first class from Washington Dulles to London, London to Copenhagen in August 2016. Our BA flight left late from Washington due to local weather. Although our flight arrived in London an hour before our scheduled connection on British Air to...
  20. C

    Air Berlin - 5mo. later, still no comp for lost luggage

    My husband and I were scheduled to fly first class Dulles to London, London to Copenhagen in August 2016. Due to bad weather in Washington, we left Dulles late. British Air cancelled our connecting flight to Copenhagen (story for another post). We were told our only option to get to...