lost baggage

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  1. M

    Eurowings - Mishandled Baggage Not Being Returned

    Our family took a flight with Eurowings from Berlin to Seattle. Among the many failings of their operation that day, the worst was their mishandling of one of our suitcases which was not in Seattle when we arrived. I reported it to the airline staff at the baggage area who said she was just...
  2. F

    American Tagged My Bag Incorrectly-Bag lost for 9 of 10 Vacation Days-Refuse to Pay me ANYTHING

    Thank you for reading my case. This happened last December. My son and I were traveling from Cleveland, OH to Panama City, Panama via Miami on American Airlines. We were going away for 10 days. The first leg of our flight was delayed, thereby causing us to miss our connection. We were given...
  3. A


    On August 7, 2018, I traveled on Flight LH432 from Frankfurt, Germany to Chicago (ORD). When I reached the baggage claim area, I discovered, (after an hour wait), that all of my baggages were lost. I immediately contacted the baggage claim representative, who assured me that it would be on the...
  4. N

    Turkish Airlines

    Hi! I recently (May 24th) flew Turkish Air with my husband and our 3 year old son. Our flight left Thursday night at 7 pm and we had a planned 1.5 hour layover in Istanbul before our final leg back home from Istanbul to Tel Aviv, on Friday the 25th, at 1:30 PM. When we arrived at JFK and waited...
  5. B

    Jey Airways Lost Luggage

    Please be advised this is an active case and we are looking for further guidance as we wait. In May we took a trip from Cleveland Ohio to Amsterdam (through Toronto). Flight from Cleveland to Toronto was via Air Canada. Toronto to Amsterdam via Jet Airways. Upon arrival in Toronto we were...
  6. L

    British Airways Lost Luggage

    Hi everyone! Last Friday (July 28), I flew from Casablanca to London via Madrid. I checked in with Royal Air Maroc, and they told me I would have to pick up my luggage in Madrid. My second flight was a co-promote between British Airways & Iberia. When I got to the BA/Iberia desk at Adolfo Suárez...
  7. M

    lost baggage LOT polish airlines

    I traveled to Poland on June 14th, stayed there for 5 days and my baggage is lost since then. My route was ORD-WAW-RZE, when I landed in RZE my bag was not there, and I noticed on my ticket that my registered bag was checked at ORD under different last name (other passenger last name).I notified...
  8. M

    AirBerlin lost my luggage

    I flew AirBerlin from Warsaw to Rome with the layover in Berlin. Berlin airport was a total mess and all flights were very delayed. We were finally put on AirItalia and taken to Rome. When I finally got there, my luggage was lost. The next day I was flying from Rome to Chicago so I was really...
  9. T

    Airberlin lost my luggage 2 weeks ago and has not contacted me once

    I am writing to request help for my lost luggage on airberlin flight AB74B0 arriving from Dusseldorf and Barcelona A88943 to JFK airport on June 24th,2017. I have contacted both airbelrin and for BaggageExpress Airberlin. Unfortunately, I did not have me baggage claim stub when I filled out...
  10. AAGK

    The latest rule on baggage fees when they lose your bag

    Prepaid for 2 bags and the bags didn't travel on the flight. They arrived a couple days later. I recall reading somewhere that either the airlines are reimbursing baggage fees when this occurs or there's a movement to get them to reimburse. I'm not sure which. The airline is JetBlue.