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  1. Durlabh

    Virgin Atlantic Airline did not let me board the plane and travel agent Justfly.com per D.O.T. guidelines did not arrange alternate travel

    I had a confirmed paid ticket and all valid immigration support documents yet Virgin Atlantic Airways at MIA did not allow me to board the plane which caused me nightmares as I had appointments confirmed with some of the top 4 CEOs of Indian companies for funding my technology. I paid 2 times...
  2. R

    Airline travel insurance

    We bought a airline ticket for my daughter to fly tonight from NY to Lax and going back Monday Lax to NY with just fly before we booked we spoke to them and we explain that she is coming because her dad is having a surgery after a liver transplant, and we are not sure so they suggested to buy...
  3. S

    JustFly.com--Same as Usual: Changes in Flight Schedules with No Confirmation of New Itinerary from JustFly

    We are scheduled to leave on Saturday at 6 AM (in less than 3 days) for a flight to Japan. One of the carriers (Alaska) had a change in its flight schedule such that our return connecting domestic flight was not going to work for customs and immigration and Justfly has not provided confirmation...
  4. AmyAshleyN

    JustFly.com Travel Credit

    I called Justfly.com to book a round trip flight to Berlin using my airline credit/voucher of $760.84. I was on hold most of the 45 minute call and the woman said no flights available and The voucher expires soon, the return date has to be before November 9,2018. She said to call back in 24 to...
  5. K

    Buyer Beware: Do NOT Use JustFly.Com

    Hi Everyone, I am hoping to prevent someone else from going through the time consuming, bank account draining, frustrating process of trying to use JustFly.com to book flights for travel. I booked a flight on 8/2/18 to go to Zion National Park (flight to Las Vegas from Boston) on Labor Day...
  6. B

    CSA travel protection

    I purchased a trip to Japan and bought the travel insurance in case I had to cancel. I'm a freelance worker, so if a job came up, I would have to cancel my trip and take the work. A job did come up and I had to cancel, and I assumed I would get my money back. However, CSA travel protection...
  7. B

    Justfly.com website question

    Is Justfly.com a reputable website? I just booked 2 airline tickets and everything was correct and went smoothly but, I would like piece of mind that it is not a scam of some sort.