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  1. H


    I'm not sure whether the company is Aer Lingus or Justfly but I am in a loop between the two companies sending me back and forth regarding travel plans that were cancelled due to Covid 19 (travel was for June 2020). A travel credit was issued but with an expiry of Sep 2021. Justfly states that...
  2. E


    My LAX-MDE flight was cancelled by Interjet due to Colombian government restrictions. I spoke to Interjet directly and they confirmed my itinerary was cancelled and after some conversation, confirmed I am eligible for a refund under the US DOT mandate but I had to request a refund through my...
  3. R

    Airline travel insurance

    We bought a airline ticket for my daughter to fly tonight from NY to Lax and going back Monday Lax to NY with just fly before we booked we spoke to them and we explain that she is coming because her dad is having a surgery after a liver transplant, and we are not sure so they suggested to buy...
  4. AmyAshleyN

    JustFly.com Travel Credit

    I called Justfly.com to book a round trip flight to Berlin using my airline credit/voucher of $760.84. I was on hold most of the 45 minute call and the woman said no flights available and The voucher expires soon, the return date has to be before November 9,2018. She said to call back in 24 to...
  5. K

    Buyer Beware: Do NOT Use JustFly.Com

    Hi Everyone, I am hoping to prevent someone else from going through the time consuming, bank account draining, frustrating process of trying to use JustFly.com to book flights for travel. I booked a flight on 8/2/18 to go to Zion National Park (flight to Las Vegas from Boston) on Labor Day...
  6. J

    Round-Trip Airline Ticket (Royal Air Maroc via JustFly) Cancelled Mid-Trip -- Help!

    I had a confirmed round-trip ticket to Morocco (IAD-CMN-RAK) cancelled by Royal Air Maroc in the middle of my vacation earlier this week, forcing me to purchase a separate (and expensive) one-way flight back home. I received no notice of the cancellation until I arrived at the airport in...
  7. L

    JustFly: Cutting my (likely) losses

    I just did what I think was a very dumb thing. I found flights on JustFly, via Kayak, for two different flights on IcelandAir. Only AFTER I'd booked them did I think to check out JustFly and ay-yi-yi they look like a nightmare. So a few questions. 1) I do have a ticket number and the...
  8. P

    Justfly.com :Can travel agency be held accountable for incompitency and harrasment?

    I had to cancel my flight because of visa issues. I wanted to change dates, but since they couldn't find me flights in a span of 12 months they 'canceled' my ticket, charged me $150, and were unable to find substitute flights. In a duration of 6 hours that I was on the phone withthem, they...
  9. C

    How to prevent JustFly from canceling my Lufthansa flight?

    My husband was using Kayak to find a one-way transatlantic flight. He did not realize that Kayak had redirected him to an online travel agency called JUSTFLY, until he received the purchase confirmation. He thought he had been directed to the Lufthansa booking site. I became nervous about using...