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  1. R

    Airline travel insurance

    We bought a airline ticket for my daughter to fly tonight from NY to Lax and going back Monday Lax to NY with just fly before we booked we spoke to them and we explain that she is coming because her dad is having a surgery after a liver transplant, and we are not sure so they suggested to buy...
  2. J

    Passing the buck (and the blame) - El Al and Jet Blue

    This is my wife's writeup of her experience with Jet Blue and El Al over the past two days, both in Atlanta and at JFK. The original post can be found here on Facebook. I am home! I wanted to post the events of the last 48 hours because there were bits and pieces. However, I have committed that...
  3. C

    Horrendous JETBLUE experience

    Situation: Flying from Montego Bay with a connection in Ft. Lauderdale to final destination Boston on Saturday 22 October 2017. The scheduled flights included a 2+ hour layover which should be more than adequate for customs. Due to problems with customs at FLL, we sat on the tarmac for over an...
  4. AAGK

    Have we discussed Jet blue family removed over cake

    I apologize if this has already been mentioned. Apparently a family en route from JFK to Vegas thought that the overhead bin was the appropriate spot to store a birthday cake. The family became confused when a FA told them to remove it and the father then asked the FA if she was drunk. It...
  5. AAGK

    How worried should I be

    I have an 8pm flight to SFO that I rescheduled from yesterday. I just went to check in online and the boarding pass looks perfect. I saved a copy in my iBooks and emailed it to myself, took screenshots. However, when directed to add the pass to my Apple wallet, I noticed that it produced a...
  6. AAGK

    The latest rule on baggage fees when they lose your bag

    Prepaid for 2 bags and the bags didn't travel on the flight. They arrived a couple days later. I recall reading somewhere that either the airlines are reimbursing baggage fees when this occurs or there's a movement to get them to reimburse. I'm not sure which. The airline is JetBlue.
  7. AAGK

    JFK TO SJC flight cancelled due to Zika virus

    My bf is scheduled from NY to San Jose @ 6:30 and saw it was just cancelled. Jetblue told him it was bc of the Zika virus. I didn't realize this was cancelling flights now. I assume this is an out of airline control thing. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  8. AAGK

    What is the latest on airlines refunding taxes on cancelled travel?

    Jetblue award flight to Bermuda. $100/ticket round trip. I have heard mixed things. Do you think it is worthwhile to send JB a note asking for the tax refund? I have heard they refund to a travel bank credit, refund credit card or neither. The Terms state they don't refund taxes, but also...
  9. A

    JetBleu - Ticket Transfer/Name Change

    Early this year I purchased a domestic flight ticket for my mother to travel to visit my brother. My father got sick, we had to cancel her trip and so a percentage of the money went into a "JetBlue Travelers Bank" (JetBlue took a good chunk for themselves out of that money). I wanted to use...
  10. AAGK

    Unexpected change fee success....

    Just some change fee inspiration... I booked tickets on jet blue to return to NYC from Florida this morning and decided a few hours later that I preferred a later flight. I called and asked if she could waive the $50 same day change fee and she said yes right away. Maybe I got lucky with the...
  11. AAGK

    Jet Blue Family Pooling

    About 6 months ago, I attempted to add my mom to my Jet Blue family pool, which means all her points would go to me. At the time, my partner and I were the only ones in the pool. I didn't really read the t/c and the next thing I know, I removed him and am unable to add another adult for one...