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insurance claim

  1. D

    Car stolen and still charged for time until it was recovered (towed / impounded) in different city. (SFO to San Jose)

    I rented a vehicle on September 6 for about $50 a day including insurance which included stolen vehicle coverage. 6 days later, the vehicle was stolen on the day it was to be returned. Also on that day I went to jail on a parole violation for a little over 3 months. I told someone I knew to...
  2. C

    AIG travel insurance denied claim

    My husband and I had travel plans for an Alaskan cruise on Holland America this summer with friends. One of our traveling companions had to cancel the trip, Aug. 3rd, the day before departure due to severe back pain. She had been jostled around on a bumpy sailboat ride July 27th and had...
  3. J

    Insurance policy given back

    I bought a travel ticket from Expedia on January 10th 2018 as well as the Total Protection Plan which was 66 dollars. When I made a claim for a refund for my ticket and my insurance claim, I recived my insurance money back????????Is this legal?When I bought the policy and went on my trip, I...
  4. Catalyst

    RoamRight Fraud?

    I bought a travel insurance policy with Roamright underwritten by Arch Insurance. My bag was stolen and submitted my Amazon receipts to prove ownership of my lost possessions. My claim was denied and Arch said they contacted Amazon who told them I had returned these items. This is false. I also...
  5. H

    TravelSafe - Southwest Cancellation Covered

    I purchased a TravelSafe Classic Policy for a trip that had to be cancelled due to illness. Part of the claim was for domestic airline tickets on Southwest. You may know that Southwest will allow cancellation of travel up to 10 minutes prior to takeoff in exchange for Travel Funds usable...