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  1. E

    Iberia refused to extend the airline credit

    I purchased tickets for family of 3 to Paris on October 11, 2019, but due to plan change, we had to cancel the fly and took the airline credit which is supposed to expire on October 11, 2020, but due to COVID 19 pandemic, we can't use the credit. So I tried to call Iberia airline and ask them...
  2. J

    Iberia Airlines inadequate transfer time - change request

    I booked an itinerary on Expedia with the return from BOD to MAD to ORD to PHX. This itinerary was proposed by Expedia (Chase Travel Service) and accepted by me. In reviewing the itinerary online, there is a warning that the 55 minute transfer time is inadequate in MAD to go from Terminal 4...
  3. M

    Iberia canceled ticket without notification

    Hello, I joined this forum as I need help/advice with the following issue with Iberia: I booked a ticket from iberia.com for a flight with Latam airlines (flight from Lima to Madrid). I received a booking confirmation e-mail first, and on the next day I received the actual e-ticket. Few hours...
  4. drryanjames

    OneTravel Booked Us on Day the Airline Does Not Fly

    Elliott.org September 19, 2018 We booked our tickets from Quito, Ecuador to Budapest using OneTravel, a subsidiary of CheapOair for June 1, 2018. We have used CheapOair many times in the past without an issue. Since we live in Hungary, finding an English-speaking travel agent is almost...
  5. atvs1

    Iberia Airlines - delays luggage, fails to provide information after 8 days

    On Friday July 13th, I flew with Iberia Airlines (ticket purchased through American Airlines) from Dubrovnik to Madrid and from Madrid to New York (JFK) coming back from a family vacation. Upon arriving in JFK I waited at baggage claim for approximately an hour before an attendant informed the...
  6. Worldtraveller

    Iberia Airlines ignoring emails and will not resolve problems that they have caused.

    Booked a return flight with Iberia (we all make mistakes) from Paris to PTP for October, returning in November. Iberia told me that they were changing the date of my return flight by 1 day. I know that I am not entitled to compensation under EU 261/2004 (as more than 2 weeks notice was...
  7. L

    British Airways Lost Luggage

    Hi everyone! Last Friday (July 28), I flew from Casablanca to London via Madrid. I checked in with Royal Air Maroc, and they told me I would have to pick up my luggage in Madrid. My second flight was a co-promote between British Airways & Iberia. When I got to the BA/Iberia desk at Adolfo Suárez...
  8. B

    Problem with IBERIA and American Airlines

    My fiance and I are both currently students in college and we are planning on getting married this December over the Christmas holidays. My parents and younger siblings live in Swaziland, Africa, though, and so we, along with his parents, best friend, and cousin (all who have already bought...
  9. S

    Iberia Cancellation with no notification

    http://www.pdf-archive.com/2016/08/02/iberia-complaint-scott-zuckerbrow/ The link above is my detailed pdf of what happened, including any relevant documentation. I also uploaded it. Long story short (or as short and clear as I can make it): July 17th - supposed to fly from JFK to Bilbao...
  10. E

    Iberia canceled flight, didn't tell me, didn't rebook. I spent +$2k to get home

    SUMMARY: Iberia canceled my august 4 return leg from Madrid to Panama - apparently after I upgraded to business when checking in for the departure leg a month earlier. They didn't tell me my ticket was canceled. Vayama, where I booked my flight, didn't tell me. I found out by accident four days...