hotel refund

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  1. A

    Too bad, No Refund for Dirty Smelly Room on Priceline

    I am not certain if this is the appropriate forum to post issues with Priceline. I purchased a reservation on priceline for the Porta Vista Hotel in San Diego, California for March 19, 2021 to March 22, 2021. When I arrived at the hotel the room was dirty, the water in the shower did not drain...
  2. X

    Can Hotel Give Voucher Instead of Refund If They Can't Provide Services?

    In January, I booked with a hotel in the Galapagos Islands for April. Only 50% was due at booking, but as it was a short add-on to a larger trip, I gave them 100% because I didn't want to go through the payment process again 45 days before travel. Then the pandemic came, and I rescheduled for...
  3. E

    American Express/

    Hi all! Hope you can help me with this issue. This is a portion of a letter I wrote to American Express: On 8/2/17 I booked a room at the Aqualuz Hotel in Lagos Portugal through the website in the amount of $956.28 using my American Express card. Upon checking into the hotel on...
  4. C

    Newlyweds in need of help on a credit card dispute with a local hotel

    To summarize our situation: my now wife and I reserved an entire inn (~20 rooms) for our wedding. The contract stated that we had to release rooms 30 days prior or be charged whatever went unfilled. At the 30 day mark, we confirmed that we still wanted all of the rooms that hadn't been filled...
  5. A

    Refund for Hotel Rooms

    My family and I purchased four American Airline business class tickets for a family vacation to Buenos Aires, AR and Rio De Janiero, BR in August 2016. Our flight out to BA from San Francisco ended up being over an hour late due to a problem on AA side. This was enough for us to miss our...
  6. G promises refund and then denies it

    I recently booked with for a stay in London from Nov 29 to Dec 4 but got my dates mixed up. I mistakenly placed Dec 6 instead of Dec 4 as my departure date from the hotel. When I realized my mistake (upon receiving the confirmation), I immediately called customer service...
  7. L vs. hotels = false no-show fees

    Here is the information about my mess. I booked 4 reservations at different hotels (there were several parties joining me, all of whom backed out). They were the Hampton Inn, The Evelyn (formerly and still billing as The Gershwin), The Empire, and the Marriott Courtyard. I booked the...
  8. J

    Canceled Reservation 35 min after making it: $115 nonrefundable

    Booked a hotel room at around 4.30pm for my wife. At 5.05pm, she told me she'd already booked one. The hotel told me I had to call Expedia to cancel. Tried to cancel and Expedia told me(via recording) that it's all nonrefundable. I understand late cancel fees and inconvenience charges, but for a...
  9. L

    Flight delayed, missed connecting, FULL hotel compensation wanted

    Basically my situation is that I was traveling with US Airways (Now American) in Sept 2015 and the flight was delayed which caused me to miss my connecting flight to Denver. The US Airway ticket agent called the local contracted hotel to see if there were rooms available so that I could stay...