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  1. T

    Refund on international flight to Japan

    Hi Guys, I have a big problem with flights I purchased this year. I recently got married, and we set our honeymoon destination on Japan. We bought two round trip non-refundable tickets to Japan departing on March 31, 2019. My wife and I are also in the process of buying a home to live in, so...
  2. T

    Newlyweds boarding denied despite all officially verified documents

    For my honeymoon trip on May 21st (I am a Chinese citizen and my husband is American citizen, I have been legally living in the States for 7 years, currently on working VISA), we plan to go to Europe from Des Moines, Iowa. I obtained my Schengen VISA issued by French Embassy (since by EU law...
  3. M

    Family emergency? American does not care.

    I have an American Airlines ticket booked to Hawaii in August for my honeymoon, or what would have been my honeymoon (it's still five months out, plenty of time to re-sell a ticket in my opinion) but circumstances have made it impossible for my fiancé and I to go. His mother is extremely sick...