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  1. I

    Booking-HomeAway Reservation ID HA-WIWKBN

    Respected, I paid at 13th Nov 2018 the rent and deposit through HomeAway for an appartment in Cork city, Ireland (2.818,00€). Few hours after that the landlord mailed me that HomeAway is canceled that booking and payment and that I will get the money back for 48 hours. They canceled it because I...
  2. K

    Homeaway app

    I love using Expedia's homeaway. I have booked several properties through the Homeaway app. In the past when I searched for a place and found one I might be interested in, I have saved it to a favorites list. I have several lists from 2016 on. Now as I am looking for places for 2019, it does...
  3. R

    HomeAway Unit Uninhabitable and Capital One Visa NO HELP

    Recently retired and on a fixed income, we have been traveling to visit relatives. We booked a one-week stay for a studio apartment through HomeAway. All we needed was a simple, functional place to stay. Although certainly barebones,it looked clean and nice. We were aware there was no microwave...
  4. G

    VRBO / Homeaway – Not Doing Enough to Protect Customers from Scams

    I’ve read some of the other posts on this site regarding rental property customers who lost money as the result of a phishing scam whereby the property owner’s account was hacked. I was also a victim of this crime, but I took additional measures to raise my concerns to Homeaway/VRBO during the...
  5. C

    VRBO reservation refund

    Anyone else have trouble getting responses from owners listed on VRBO? I'm trying to cancel a reservation according to the guidelines established by the homeowner of the property I had reserved. I have called and texted the phone number listed for the property and have gotten no response. In...
  6. R

    Home owner cancelled vacation

    Hi, I booked a property last minute privately with the homeowner, I found the house on homeaway but paid for the trip via check deposit. The homeowner and I had been going back & forth about property/rental details for about 3 weeks, when I finally got the contract, signed it on Monday and made...
  7. AAGK

    Asking the right questions....

    I recently considered booking in a popular northeastern beach area for a week. I noticed several things: 1. The owners ask for "refundable" deposits ranging from $5-$10k. On the one hand, that suggests smart owner protecting their property. However, multiple Elliott cases suggest this deposit...
  8. AAGK

    I doubt Homeaway will have complaints on this rental (photos)

    It's an apartment inside the Eiffel Tower...Homeway had it designed and is renting it out. http://www.cntraveler.com/stories/2016-05-18/how-to-stay-in-an-eiffel-tower-apartment-this-summer
  9. J

    Flatbook and NTS Corporate Housing Rescind Chicago Apartment Availability Without Warning

    I rented (thru the Flatbook site) a property NTS is now offering thru Homeway (#816809) only to find that, after sending the rental amount in full, and purchasing non-refundable airline tickets, that my reservation was voided, leaving us with no place to stay in Chicago. A senior executive of...