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  1. L

    Home Depot sent wrong item $170 more than what I ordered

    I placed an order for vertical patio blinds (about $30 including tax) on Home Depot's website. Instead of blinds, I received a DEWALT saw stand ($199 on the HD website) - the box has my name and address on the website, so it's clear that the mistake is on the part of HD. Since I wanted my...
  2. T

    Sunroom Construction Defects Dispute With Home Depot

    My wife and I are senior citizens who contracted with, and bought a sunroom from Home Depot that was completed in August 2009. We were looking forward to retirement when our worst financial nightmare happened. The contractor hired by the company to install the sunroom built it in violation of...
  3. O

    Home Depot Window Installation Still Incomplete 1+ Yrs After Contract Signed

    Hi everyone, Newbie to this website with a bear of a problem with Home Depot here! Here's some background on my issue: In Jan 2018, we signed a contract for Home Depot to replace 2 sliding doors and all of our windows. In April 2018, they spent one week on the install (full frame replacement...
  4. Barefootpalms

    Home Depot refund help please!

    hi and thanks Ordered a fridge from Home Depot online nov 15 for delivery nov 21 to port and further delivery to Turks and Caicos Was not delivered (I have an email with delivery window). Was not notified. Can not get into my order for info. So on 22nd called Haelaigh store in Fla spoke with...
  5. H

    Home Depot Changes My Name To 'fgt'

    I called Home Depot Pro at 866-333-3551 and was shocked to receive an email from them changing my name from Xxxx to "fgt". I looked up what fgt means: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=fgt fgt Short for "faggot" technically so you don't get banned from forums or something...
  6. K

    Home Depot/GE/XPO Delivery Nightmare!!

    My original appliance delivery, made through Home Depot online was scheduled for July 26th. I did not realize this was split into two deliveries and an entire 8-hour window. The first delivery with the dishwasher went great though we had cancelled the installation due to lack of plumbing and...