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  1. Aprlcs

    Booked Through Priceline-Thrifty. Won't give us a voucher for Car Rental. 510.00$

    My Fiance and I planned a Honeymoon in Maui, HI. June 14-22, 2021. We booked through Priceline: a flight and a rental car. We also purchased Travel Insurance for 98$ in hopes it would help in case this scenario came up, but it doesn't. The issue is with the rental car only. The flight is...
  2. C

    Stunning Tours is non-responsive and they want more money.

    Last January we booked a trip to Japan with Stunning Tours in California for a week leaving April 2020. We are going with another couple. We have both received invoices for a further partial payment due Dec. 31, 2020. Both couples have repeatedly called and emailed them seeking to postpone or...
  3. abwnurse

    Refusing to Help Frontline Workers

    Hello I am the director of nursing at a local hospital here in Atlanta and my wife is a curriculums support teacher in the busiest school district in Atlanta Georgia. We have been asked to share our story so that the media we’ll see how NCL is treating front line Covid workers. When our fist...
  4. L

    Target keeps on cancelling my order

    I received a gift card from a family member and I did not have a target account, so I made the account and tried to purchase something with just that gift card, to my surprise it got cancelled in the next 30 minutes, I tried again and another cancel. It keeps on saying they can’t process my...
  5. Q

    Facebook disabled my account for no reason.

    Recently I created a Facebook account for my business. My business is a mobile game development company and I wanted to use Facebook's SDK for analytics and so on. The First 2 days worked fine but now it has been disabled because I "didn't follow Community Standards. " which is untrue. I didn't...
  6. bigbear101

    Need help in getting my car loan refinanced through Hyundai Financial due to Covid-19 and getting laid off

    Here is what I have written to several executives there at Hyundai Corporate as well as Hyundai Financial. I have not gotten a response yet. So, any other help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you SO very much!! So, here is my email that I wrote: "I am contacting you today to see...
  7. K

    help me , my facebook account disabled

    I have an issue, as my account have been disabled for 4 weeks now. First time it locked me out and required me to upload pic of myself. I did that and then it opened, but after 3 day it locked again, and I did the same, and they open it then it disabled again. I made multiple appeals to them...
  8. B

    I need help with a massive problem I've been having with my phone

    Downloaded videos are constantly pausing every few seconds automatically I've reset my phone multiple times and I've scanned with virus scanners and Malwarebytes it has not fixed the problem I don't know what to do anymore
  9. C

    Adventure of The Seas 10/07 2017 not refunding

    On the 1st of June, we did a reservation to travel for the first time with our baby girl (17 months old) on a dreamed vacation to the Adventure of The Seas sailing on 10/07. We bought all what was needed to depart from Colombia (we live in Cali, CO), Airlines Tickets (with AVIANCA our Country...
  10. H

    Paypal Mastercard Disaster

    On August 31, I submitted my monthly credit card payment for my Paypal Extras Mastercard in the amount of $510.34. I got no confirmation of the payment from the website, email or any type of validation that the payment had posted. On September 1 I decided to submit the payment again, since there...
  11. DoYouKnowPeter

    Google Help

    Hello, When it came time for me to replace my phone a year and a half ago, I took a risk and did something I have not done since the first iPhone was released..... I went with an altogether different phone. At the time, the Google Pixel & Google Pixel XL were not out, yet, so I waited patiently...
  12. M


  13. C

    National charging my family and I more than $3k in damages we did not do.

    My family and I are from California and made a trip to the east coast from May 25th-May31st for my brother's graduation. We flew in to and out of Newark Liberty International Airport and rented an SUV from National at the airport. When asked if we wanted insurance for the SUV, my father said...
  14. Dulce Iniguez

    Credit*Didn't re-book in time

    Last year I booked travel on June 2,2016 for travel to be taken on July 29,2016. I was pregnant and my doctor advised I not travel to Mexico because of the Zika virus. AA was nice enough to cancel our tickets and offer us a credit for the 5 tickets that we had purchased. I understood that we had...
  15. B

    Drivo/Economy/EZ rent-a-car shakedown

    Hi everyone, hoping for some help here. On August 5th I rented a minivan from Economy rent-a-car near JFK airport to visit my folks. I declined their insurance, as the credit card I used to pay for the car has insurance as one of the benefits. We had no issues with the car for the whole trip...
  16. A

    Customer Rep says one thing, Technician says another

    I already had Comcast for internet and was locked in for two years, first year had a decent price. A representative through a third party representative called me about switching to Xfinity at a much better price for higher speed internet with cable. I agreed. There was only a few channels I was...
  17. K

    Apple Subscription problem

    Hello, I have been reading this website for years and I have always used the lessons to apply to my life and have usually had favorable results. This time I am at my wits end and i'm not sure what steps to take next. 4 days ago Apple charged my account 5 times for my HBO Now subscription ($16.10...
  18. A

    Apple Vacations / XTRA Airways DISASTER!!

    We recently traveled out of the country to Cancun, Mexico from Pittsburgh,PA for a week. On our return flight home we had absolutely nothing but problems and headaches. We were to depart Cancun airport on11/9/15 at 10:30 AM. We never ended up getting back into Pittsburgh until roughly 8 P.M...