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  1. O

    amazon account suspended

    Hello, I need guidance and help. My amazon account was blocked, use a Gift Card that I earn as a reward on a “Crowtap” website. I used my balance to buy headphones, my delivery address is in Florida. Ten minutes after I made the purchase, I received an email saying that my account is suspended...
  2. M

    Who is responsible for refund of and Microsoft XBOX Gift Card?

    I purchase a XBOX LIVE gift card with a face value of $59.99 at ALDI as a Christmas gift. I should have purchased a PLAY STATION Plus gift card. When I returned to ALDI on December 26, I was told that gift cards cannot be returned because ADLI has a no return, no refund policy for gift cards...
  3. J

    Target Gift Card Balance Stolen

    On December 3rd 2017 I purchased $300 worth of Target GC from Target Buena Park. I made small purchases and my last authorized transaction left me with a balance of $260.98. When I attempted to use the gift card, I found out that the gift card had been fully redeemed. I checked the last 5...
  4. Lami J. Glenn

    ..Not-so-Merry Christmas! Thanks Target

    On December 23, 2017, I was told that my gift card had a zero balance, when the only time I had used my gift card previously, a purchase of only $2.16 for clear band-aids were made. I called the Target helpline six times to report my zero balance on my card as being fraud and that $97.84 should...
  5. H

    TJ Maxx Gift Card Fraud

    In January of this year, I purchased a $200 TJ MAXX HOMEGOODS AND MARSHALLS printable eGift Card from with my credit card. The most recent transaction I did with this eGift Card was a purchase in August. This purchase left me with a balance of $125.60 on the eGift Card...
  6. A

    Target declines to investigate and re-imburse GC balance for online theft

    I received the Target GC with the amount of $450.00 as refund from local store in VA in Feb 2017. In March 31, 2017, I found out that the balance was gone and only $5 left in the card. Upon reaching out to Target GC customer support, I was told that the transaction was made in Store 2605 - San...
  7. S

    Ebay Gift Card Scam?

    Hello, I stumbled across your site this morning while trying to research ways to help a friend. He recently purchased $1,500 worth of Ebay gift cards which were subsequently stolen (it appears he was the victim of a scam) – is there any way he can attempt to recover that money? He still has...
  8. J

    Amazon Closed Account With $1,000 Balance

    My scenario is similar to others in that have posted on this forum. The Amazon gift cards were purchased from Office Depot, not a third party reseller. I have the store receipt and the physical gift cards in hand. There is nothing fraudulent about the gift cards I linked to my account. In my...
  9. A

    eBay/PayPal keeping my $735 gift card blance

    Hello , I'm not sure how this works but I did a little research and came across this site as a place that could help my situation. I had my PayPal account permanently limited for what they say was "a issue with the credit card linked to my account" . The card is a prepaid visa card from a...
  10. L

    Nordstrom $454 gift card theft

    I returned 2 items & received a Nordstrom gift card for $454. I have the receipt for the gift card along with the card & PIN number in my hands. No one else has seen this card except for the employee giving me the card. Nordstrom told me over the phone the $454 was put on the card at the time...
  11. L

    Amazon Stealing $400+ of Customer Money Again! (Beware of Amazon!)

    I found Jessica Monsell's story here about Amazon trying to steal Richard Thripp's $453 Amazon gift card balance upon closing his account, and they are now trying to do the same with me! My gift card balance of $405.00! Source...
  12. L

    I can't get a refund from Zagat for gift card

    I bought a $100 restaurant gift card from Zagat for my daughter-in-law. Before she could use it, Zagat's gift card program was terminated. I tried to get a refund by phone, email, and (several times) the form on their website that is intended to process refunds. This has been going on for about...
  13. T

    Unauthorized transaction on Target gift card. Nothing I can do?

    I bought a Target gift card sometime in 2013 and used it/reloaded it occasionally. As of early September 2015, it had $190 on it. However, when I checked the balance on October 24, 2015, $0 was left on the card. It turns out that someone used the card on September 13, 2015. I called Target gift...