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  1. S

    How to get Suddenlink to expand service

    I live in rural WV. I have been trying for months to get suddenlink to expand service to my house. I live on a main highway about 4.7 miles from the end of there service. The current service provider (frontier communications) is a joke. Everyone that is on this stretch of road is very much...
  2. W

    Frontier Airlines Flight Cancelled and No Reimbursement After Over 3 Weeks

    On August 3rd 2018 my connecting flight from St. Louis, MO to Denver, CO and then to San Francisco, CA was cancelled a couple of hours before it was supposed to depart. I wasn't aware the flight was cancelled when I got to the airport because for some reason they sent everyone emails saying that...
  3. J

    Request for Refund -- need expert opinion

    In trying to help a friend with a substance abuse, I used my Frontier Credit card to make an airline reservation for him to fly cross country to an addiction treatment facility. I enrolled him in Frontier’s Discount Den, ($49.99) so we could get a cheaper price on the airline ticket. With the...
  4. I

    Frontier schedule irregularity and poor communication caused us to miss our flight--need compensatio

    Two other passengers and I were stranded due to Frontier Airline’s miscommunication and lack of communication. Frontier flight 226 from Denver to Columbus on 3/25/17 was indefinitely delayed due to maintenance issues. After standing around at the gate ready to board for quite a long time, one...
  5. J

    Worst airline for customer service 2016....

    And the winner is Spirit! Scary thing is that 4 of the top 9 are US airlines.
  6. S

    How do I get Frontier to Reimburse me for United Airline Tickets when their Flight Did Not Complete

    On 10/15/16 Frontier Flight DL91122 from San Francisco to Cincinnati left San Francisco over 6 hours late due to weather delay. It was to make one scheduled stop in Las Vegas to pick up additional passengers and continue to Cincinnati. My husband and I had 1 flight number and 1 seat each...
  7. K

    Frontier bumped us but won't refund the ticket

    We (my wife and I) arrived at the Cleveland airport at 5:30AM for a 7:25AM flight to Orlando, Frontier 1161, on November 25, 2015, the day before Thanksgiving. When we checked in at the ticket counter we were informed that the flight would be delayed until 8:30AM. When we arrived at the gate...
  8. L

    Frontier Airlines

    Can an airline charge an additional baggage fee on a chartered flight?