fraudulent charges

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  1. J

    Fraud claim being kicked around between chase and paypal

    Hi I submitted a fraud claim within 60 days of the statement date of a large fraudulent transaction from my bank account. Chase has been reviewing the claim for months and seemingly is not interested in helping me get the money back even though i believe I should be entitilted to it. I believe...
  2. D

    Avis Fraudulent Car Rental Damage Claim

    Hello Friends, 4 weeks after renting and returning a car from Avis I received a letter in the mail from Sedgwick whom claims to provide administration services for Avis. Their claim is that I damaged their vehicle which is completely false. After searching online for help with these matters I...
  3. Lami J. Glenn

    ..Not-so-Merry Christmas! Thanks Target

    On December 23, 2017, I was told that my gift card had a zero balance, when the only time I had used my gift card previously, a purchase of only $2.16 for clear band-aids were made. I called the Target helpline six times to report my zero balance on my card as being fraud and that $97.84 should...
  4. L

    $800 "recovery" fee from Nextcar

    In July, 2017 I had a rental car from Nextcar in Baltimore. During my trip, I scraped against a post, causing a small scrape on the drivers' rear panel. I paid my $500 deductible to Nextcar, then another $127, then my insurance took care of the rest and closed the claim. Now I am receiving...
  5. Q

    Beware of renting from Hertz in Australia

    I am new to this website and forum so if I screw this up, please forgive me. Two years ago (yes, it still rankles) my husband and I vacationed in Cairns, Australia. We rented a car through my credit card holder, USAA. We rented from Hertz at the Cairns Airport. I had purchased trip insurance...