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  1. P


    The company name is Kasher & Feingold Lending, LLC. They are supposed to be located in Glendale, CA. My wife and I did look the company up, and thought it looked like they were on the up and up. We sent $900 to a Nick Cottrell in Florida on Friday November 30, 2018. Was told it was for "the...
  2. M

    Iberia canceled ticket without notification

    Hello, I joined this forum as I need help/advice with the following issue with Iberia: I booked a ticket from for a flight with Latam airlines (flight from Lima to Madrid). I received a booking confirmation e-mail first, and on the next day I received the actual e-ticket. Few hours...
  3. K

    Buyer Beware: Do NOT Use JustFly.Com

    Hi Everyone, I am hoping to prevent someone else from going through the time consuming, bank account draining, frustrating process of trying to use to book flights for travel. I booked a flight on 8/2/18 to go to Zion National Park (flight to Las Vegas from Boston) on Labor Day...
  4. K

    Blatant Fraud by Hertz Agents - please help

    Hello Advocates, My husband and I took a recent trip to Costa Rica where we reserved and rented a vehicle with Hertz. Upon arriving home, we found our credit card had been stolen and the unauthorized charges were piling up. We immediately contacted cc company and they canceled card. We began to...
  5. P

    Best Buy

    I'm cheated by a worker of best buy company and please solve this problem he's playing with customers.
  6. J

    Target Gift Card Balance Stolen

    On December 3rd 2017 I purchased $300 worth of Target GC from Target Buena Park. I made small purchases and my last authorized transaction left me with a balance of $260.98. When I attempted to use the gift card, I found out that the gift card had been fully redeemed. I checked the last 5...
  7. S

    Flight cancellation - 1306EUR lost

    Hello American Airlines is the worst company ever! We lost 1306euros due to a bad formation of their employees. Indeed our flight La Paz-Miami on Tuesday November 28th was cancelled and AA proposed us a other flight on Friday 1st November.... But it was not possible for us to take this flight 3...
  8. H

    TJ Maxx Gift Card Fraud

    In January of this year, I purchased a $200 TJ MAXX HOMEGOODS AND MARSHALLS printable eGift Card from with my credit card. The most recent transaction I did with this eGift Card was a purchase in August. This purchase left me with a balance of $125.60 on the eGift Card...
  9. G

    VRBO / Homeaway – Not Doing Enough to Protect Customers from Scams

    I’ve read some of the other posts on this site regarding rental property customers who lost money as the result of a phishing scam whereby the property owner’s account was hacked. I was also a victim of this crime, but I took additional measures to raise my concerns to Homeaway/VRBO during the...
  10. C

    Warning: Deceptive Hotwire Hot Rates

    Hello, First-time poster, but I wanted to share an experience I had with a Hotwire reservation which I am still in the process of resolving. On June 28th I sought to make a reservation in Miami, Florida for the area of South Beach - Collins Ave - Ocean Drive. I am familiar with Hotwire's Hot...
  11. S

    Enterprise Claiming I Scratched Bumper on Vehicle

    I am currently in the midst of what I believe is a scam being pulled by Enterprise on me. I'm not sure if anyone can do anything to help but I'm really just looking for any help I can get. Here's my story: I had to take my wife's 2014 Dodge Dart into the dealer because it was shutting off...
  12. H

    AirBNB- Bad Neighborhood (Prostitution, Drugs, Car Break In, Shootings & Abandoned Homes)= NO REFUND

    I recently booked a room with AirBNB from December 30th to January 2nd for $499. We arrived 30 minutes prior to the time the host would arrive. We did our research on the apartment and it looked safe along with the 4 star review it received from 42 guests. When we arrived, within minutes, we...
  13. M

    False damage claim by Enterprise

    HI all. Note that this case began just yesterday with a phonecall, so I don't know the amount they plan to demand or certain other details. But I do have a question not answered in the FAQ: Briefly, Enterprise is claiming damage to a car I rented, and I'm certain that no damage occurred on my...
  14. E

    Alamo claims $1963 for damage that did not happen while I had the car.

    Hello, We rented an car from Alamo for exactly one night. We returned it the next morning completely free of any damage. Nothing was noted, and the attendant said nothing to us. We later got a short letter stating we had a claim from the "Damage Recovery Unit" that solicited our insurance and...
  15. T

    Mood Fabrics Los Angeles

    Modd LA Store mgr Raul rang up purchase on Organza fabric 50 dollar a yd. I purchase several items that day and the fabric is cut off bolt on the cutting table. I am carrying a Marc Jacobs purse " I asked details about the fabrics on cutting table and Mischa who worked for Mood LA for years ...
  16. K

    TIMESHARE sale based on Fraud- Selling members Inventory

    On March 7, we purchased a time-share from Diamond Resorts. At first, we were excited about our purchase. However, we recently learned that we were absolutely lied to on a very important fact. During the sales presentation, we were asked why we would not purchase a time share. I brought up...