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  1. Zachary L. Zavidé

    Facebook Disabled my 15+yr account

    I emailed a clutch of Facebook accounts but most bounced back. I've cced my email to Facebook below; happy to field any and all questions! Hello, My Facebook account was disabled for no reason and no appeal was given. I have had it for 15yrs and it contains all my wedding...
  2. F

    Facebook Limbo

    I'll begin with a little background - I have never contravened Facebook community standards - I have not been flagged for inappropriate posts/comments at any time, and to the contrary, I have been a Facebook "power admin" and belong to one of the official power admin groups as an admin for a...
  3. Mrsericarivera

    Disabled FB and IG

    Hi there! Mid last year I woke to both my IG and FB disabled(they were connected) no explanation or warning (I’m now aware they can just do that) I was freaking out because it took me a bit to realize what happened. This happened right when the pandemic hit leaving me without any contact to my...
  4. Bause87

    2 step factor authentication: helping companies rob you

    Thanks PayPal, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and the worst one of all::: Comcast/Xfinity::: for being so concerned about security for consumers that you officially found a way to rob us while calling it protection. It started with two-factor authentication and the only thing I had it linked to...
  5. Q

    Facebook disabled my account for no reason.

    Recently I created a Facebook account for my business. My business is a mobile game development company and I wanted to use Facebook's SDK for analytics and so on. The First 2 days worked fine but now it has been disabled because I "didn't follow Community Standards. " which is untrue. I didn't...
  6. B

    I was hacked and Facebook disabled my account

    My Spectrum/Time Warner email account was hacked and unknown to me my email was set to forward to another email ([email protected]) (see #1 Supporting Image). I have since contacted Spectrum and secured my email account, but the damage has already been done. This email address is the...
  7. M

    My Facebook Account was disabled.

    In February my Facebook account of more than 11 years was permanently banned due to "violation of terms". I am confident I did not violate any terms. At the time my account was blocked I was scrolling (but not posting) Facebook. My last known post was approximately two days prior, when I...
  8. S

    Facebook Disabled my Account - zero response from them

    My account was disabled back in early November while I was chatting with friends on messenger while talking about kid pickup. It logged me out and when I trying to log back in I got the your account has been disabled. Go to Help center. Went to help center, said I needed to send my proof of ID...
  9. WeaverFamilyFarms

    Facebook Disabled My Account - PLEASE Help me.

    My Facebook account was disabled. I found your info on a forum. I have contacted a couple emails you have listed here, did finally get an answer back from one pretty sure it’s copied and pasted to me 10 days after my account disabled. Says they will not give my account back. They refuse to say...
  10. A

    My important Facebook report is not even looked at.

    Hello, there's a Fake Facebook account that is pretending to be me that I've been trying to report for like 3 months and Facebook took no action at all. the profile is fake and they are using my name and date of birth, and they talk to my friends as it is me , that caused me some...
  11. S

    please help me my facebook account has been disabled

    :( i found this message after i opened my account Your account has been disabled For more information, or if you think your account was disabled by mistake, please visit the Help Center. in the first i delivered 3 notificatons to block my account in 10 days about copyrights about videos that i...
  12. M

    Facebook disabled my account and won't say why

    Greetings all, Thank you for taking the time to read this, I will try to keep it short. A short while ago facebook disabled my account with the message "Your account has been disabled, find out why" After contacting them they said they will look into the matter, I thought maybe it was just...
  13. T

    Facebook reactivated the dormant account i shared with my abuser with out my consent.

    Hello, I am currently going through a traumatic situation with Facebook. Three years ago I divorced my abuser. I now have a restraint order against him. Because of the nature of the relationship we shared a Facebook account, under my name. Three years later, I am starting a new life where I...
  14. A

    Annoying blocks on facebook

    Facebook keeps blocking me for no reason with its sugarcoated statements and recently they blocked me completely from logging in without providing notification that i was blocked, they also blocked me from asking questions on their forum. Also, they targeted wrong audience and many fake...
  15. R

    Facebook not allowing me to sign in

    Facebook is annoying me through its various tactics almost everyday and i want to make them address all my issues.I have a long file of all the things that they are doing wrong.