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  1. C

    Can't buy upgrade to first class on American Airlines?

    I recently contacted American Airlines in order to inquire on purchasing an upgrade to first class for myself and my wife on our upcoming trip to Cabo San Lucas in December. I was advised that since we purchased our tickets via Expedia website, American Airlines can't offer to us upgrade for...
  2. W

    Expedia said airline will not give funds to refund cancelled flight

    Hello. I have learned a lot from your website. My problem is as follows. I booked on flight from Los Angeles to Lima, Peru on Expedia.com flying on Copa Airlines. Two hours later I phoned Expedia customer service and I asked if I could change my flight day. She said no problem since the...
  3. M

    Expedia Travel Insurance...Aon...Yuck.

    Our son, a 2LT Army Ranger, wanted to surprise his brother who teaches and coaches high school football in WI, by attending one of his Friday Night Football games. He was also going to spring his arrival on his mom, a recently retired teacher. Craig is currently stationed at Fort Polk, Army...
  4. R

    endless review of refund request without response

    I've been having a nightmare of a time trying to get a response from Expedia - the details are below, but the gist of the story is that I booked a flight for my wife through Expedia and two days before she was e scheduled to join me in London the reservation was cancelled - frantic and furious I...
  5. K

    Expedia Refund I Help

    I booked a flight for my daughter through Expedia on Boliviana de Aviacion (BOA) Airlines from Miami to La Paz. May 5th I received notification from Expedia that the return flight schedule had changed (14 hours later) and this would have caused my daughter to miss a return connection in Miami...
  6. P

    Expedia runaround

    In April I bought 2 airline itineraries through Expedia going from Baltimore, Md to Milan, Italy to Poznan, Poland and then back to Baltimore. Expedia sent me a message a month later saying the Baltimore-Milan leg of my trip had been changed making it much longer. I contacted Expedia and they...
  7. G

    Travelocity Misinformation=Useless Ticket

    Below is the substance of an email that I sent to expedia (owner of travelocity) and to which I have received no response. On March 27 I booked Itinerary Number ***** for airline travel from Kilimanjaro, Tanzania to Cleveland, OH in the USA. The dates of travel were to be Monday, May 9, and...
  8. D

    Alitalia, Expedia and Me: A Love Triangle

    Where do I start... Perhaps it was the long realized dream of visiting Italy with my amazing wife, who has never been to Europe before. O it was the shear excitement of traveling as an adult with the actual funds to enjoy a well deserved trip. Either way it has turned out to be a nightmare even...
  9. mistypoison

    Tried to book a hotel on Expedia, It came up with "server error" now I have THREE bookings.

    Hello everyone, So I tried to book a hotel on expedia.com when I submitted the booking after entering payment details it went to a 503 error page and said something along the lines of "sorry your booking could not be processed due to a server error, please try again" so I did, two more times...
  10. J

    Canceled Reservation 35 min after making it: $115 nonrefundable

    Booked a hotel room at around 4.30pm for my wife. At 5.05pm, she told me she'd already booked one. The hotel told me I had to call Expedia to cancel. Tried to cancel and Expedia told me(via recording) that it's all nonrefundable. I understand late cancel fees and inconvenience charges, but for a...
  11. R

    ask Aerolineas Argentinas to be reasonable

    Can you help us? I've reached the end of my rope. My son-in-law,purchased a ticket for his mom, who lives in Uruguay, to join him and my daughter for a once in a lifetime vacation in Spain. The ticket cost close to $900. He purchased her ticket from Montevideo to Barcelona on Expedia in...
  12. K

    EXPEDIA - who is responsible to refund canceled flight ? EXPEDIA or Airline

    I cancelled Itinerary No. *** with Expedia on 2nd Sept 2015 and have not yet received the refund. As the bank account associated with my debit card which was used to purchase the ticket was closed as per my bank they had transferred the refund back to where it came from. Requesting Expedia to...
  13. C

    Hotel refuses partial refund so Expedia can not help me

    I booked a one night room in Fernandina Beach, Fla hotel with Expedia. At 5am the in room refrigerator woke me up with loud vibrating. I tried everything, moving it, shutting the door over and over, propping it up. Nothing worked, I could not go back to sleep. I called the front desk and the...
  14. W

    Bouncing between Expedia and British Airways

    I lost my forum entry after the recent upgrade, so I am posting it again. I have followed the advice on this website and escalated my requests as advised, but I do not even receive a reply, so I hope someone has some helpful advice on how to proceed. So, here we go: I have been waiting over...
  15. R

    Italy's 3-month Passport Expiration Requirement

    On August 19th three of us headed to Dulles for our flight to Sicily. While getting our luggage tags/boarding passes at the kiosks, one of us, Sharon, got the message, "a United Rep will be with you shortly." The rep checked her kiosk and passport and said, "your passport expires on November 8th...