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  1. N

    Damage claim for a rental car stolen after dropping off after hours

    Recently I dropped a rental car after hours and two days later I got a call that the car had been stolen from their premises and that they are going to report it to the police. Around 2 months later now I get a damage claim bill for missing keys. When I asked if the car was recovered, the answer...
  2. R

    Call from Enterprise about car damage AND smoking?!

    Hi there! I’ve spent all last night and so far this morning reading these forums. But I feel I need to trouble you for advice. I was rear ended pretty badly the beginning of February. The other drivers insurance immediately decided they were at fault and approved a rental for me while my car...
  3. B

    Car Accident Nightmare!

    Hi all, I am new here so I hope I am doing this correctly. I was involved in a car accident with an Enterprise Rental Car employee. I was driving my own car, and the employee was driving an Enterprise vehicle, taking customers to their destination. I pulled out of my usual garage from work...
  4. K

    Enterprise Charge months later

    The somewhat short version... My car was hit by a fed ex truck I caught on video. Fedex took full responsibly and agreed to pay for repairs as well as the rental vehicle. The shop I chose to make the repairs then offered to take over communications with the insurance adjuster and work everything...
  5. M

    enterprise claim

    After several emails and going up the chain of command to the 1st point of contact, the branch manager reached out. The email I received in return is below. They sent me a picture of the license plate as well as a screen shot saying I was the last person to drive it. They also sent photos of...
  6. M

    Enterprise claim

    Hello I have been reading this thread and followed the instructions for contacting enterprise. After returning the car, Enterprise is claiming over $3,000 in damage. I went ahead and followed the chain of command using the information that was told to be requested. I received a letter in the...
  7. F

    No Further Contact?

    Hi all, I rented a car for three days back in April. When I picked it up, it was late, the car was soaking wet, and in the rush I did not take photos. Worked fine - no issues, no damage. Returned after hours, and I received a message the next day via voicemail at work that the car had been...
  8. M

    Enterprise charged me for damage with no proof

    I recently was sideswiped on the road and had been renting a car through another drivers insurance. I returned my rental car to the car repair place as instructed and they returned the car on my behalf. I got a call the next day telling me there were scratches on the driver side door. I was...
  9. H

    Enterprise Vehicle Accident

    I was involved in an accident with an Enterprise vehicle but I wasn't at fault. The Enterprise driver was. I called Enterprise and they are not very helpful. They keep telling me to call the Damage Recovery Unit and they told me to call the branch where the vehicle was rented at. The branch...
  10. G

    Enterprise - Shady Rental Damage Claim

    Hello everyone, I've been reading material on this website for months. I love learning all sorts of different travel hacks and tips to make each and every trip a smooth, wonderful experience, and I enjoy arming myself with information ahead of time should something go wrong. I didn't think I'd...
  11. G

    Enterprise Rent-A-Car Third Party Liability

    Hi all, I rented a car from Enterprise in summer of this year in Colorado. I do not own a car and thus did not carry liability insurance at the time, but I declined purchasing SLP, also known as "Supplemental Liability Protection" This, as I have since learned, is considered by many to be a...
  12. John Yi

    Dent Damage Claim from Enterprise

    I had rented a vehicle from Enterprise at Germantown,MD location. I had returned the car around 7:40 am on 6/3/17 and dropped the keys at the drop box. Later that day after closing hours, a rep named Coby or Colby had called me saying there is dent damage to the roof the car. Now, the car had no...
  13. pearsonspector

    Enterprise OVERCHARGED me $642 above total rental charges - Zero Response from Executive Office EHI

    Rented a vehicle from Enterprise @ Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport in ISRAEL. Total cost of monthly rental is $625.00. Kept the car for 27 days, rental station charged me nearly $1,300. Numerous calls and emails to the customer service went completely unanswered. Sent emails to...
  14. V

    Enterprise Damage Recovery - Broken Windshield

  15. Matthew D

    Damage to Trunk Lid

    I'll try to keep this as condensed as possible: In November 2016 I was rear-ended. Car was deemed a total loss. I was given a rental. Rental had horrendous rearward visibility. I was delivering pizza as a second job, to make ends meet. While trying to parallel park (with soreness and a stiff...
  16. U

    Enterprise damage claim after a day of return and unauthorized CC charge.

    Hi, I got into a minor accident and was directed to a body shop by my insurance carrier, Geico. The premises had an Enterprise rental facility. Geico covered the rental while my car was in the body shop. I rented a car from Enterprise on 17th March 2017 after dropping my own car off at the body...
  17. S

    Enterprise Dent

    I recently rented a car from enterprise while my car was in the shop (it had been hit by a snow plow - my luck is great as you can tell). I picked up the car, and being the naive person I am did not really check the car out but rather trusted the enterprise agent who said that everything looked...
  18. S

    Enterprise Claiming I Scratched Bumper on Vehicle

    I am currently in the midst of what I believe is a scam being pulled by Enterprise on me. I'm not sure if anyone can do anything to help but I'm really just looking for any help I can get. Here's my story: I had to take my wife's 2014 Dodge Dart into the dealer because it was shutting off...
  19. B

    Help! nearly $3000 damage claim from enterprise that wasn't our fault?

    Can someone please give me some advise. Back in December my boyfriend and I had a rental car due to a car accident. We were also going on vacation for 3 days after the rental agreement was expired so we paid to renew the agreement and keep the rental for a couple days longer. My boyfriend picked...
  20. J

    Lost control of an Enterprise car and crashed into the railings

    I booked an enterprise car in Albany,New York yesterday and met with an accident. I lost control of the car and crashed in to the railings. The damage was pretty nasty, as the right front Tyre and the two doors were almost bust and so was the front bumper and the front axle. One of the airbags...