enterprise false damage claim

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  1. S

    Enterprise sends Damage claim after 1 and half years

    I took rental car from Enterprise on 5/8/2017, their was a minor scratch at the bumper, which they registered. I followed up with them to know the charges for the claim for next 6 months, so i could submit the same with my credit card company. But they never responded with the charges. Now...
  2. M

    enterprise claim

    After several emails and going up the chain of command to the 1st point of contact, the branch manager reached out. The email I received in return is below. They sent me a picture of the license plate as well as a screen shot saying I was the last person to drive it. They also sent photos of...
  3. F

    No Further Contact?

    Hi all, I rented a car for three days back in April. When I picked it up, it was late, the car was soaking wet, and in the rush I did not take photos. Worked fine - no issues, no damage. Returned after hours, and I received a message the next day via voicemail at work that the car had been...
  4. M

    Enterprise charged me for damage with no proof

    I recently was sideswiped on the road and had been renting a car through another drivers insurance. I returned my rental car to the car repair place as instructed and they returned the car on my behalf. I got a call the next day telling me there were scratches on the driver side door. I was...
  5. K

    Misleading info causing diesel into unlead gasoline car - damage in dispute

    Hi all , I had a terrible experience to share and would like to seek advice ........... I rented a car (Opel ET-995-TN contract 3S51H1) with Alamo in Paris CDG airport on Oct 15 with the clear verbal advice it ran on diesel and there is no other clear fuel info on the contract, fuel door nor...
  6. R

    Disputing charges for pre-existing damage on Enterprise rental

    Greetings, all. I am seeking guidance on paths for disputing charges for pre-existing damage on an Enterprise rental from February 21 through March 14, while my own car was being repaired after damage from a coworker's car in the parking garage at work. I've attempted to summarize some key...
  7. G

    Enterprise - Shady Rental Damage Claim

    Hello everyone, I've been reading material on this website for months. I love learning all sorts of different travel hacks and tips to make each and every trip a smooth, wonderful experience, and I enjoy arming myself with information ahead of time should something go wrong. I didn't think I'd...
  8. S

    Accused of damage to rental car - Enterprise

    Got call from Enterprise Damage Claims whom I did not speak to, then Geico who covered the insurance at that time. I didn't take photos on collection or recovery and dropped off keys to an un-manned office for reasons I can indulge if required. Rental period was from 09/09/17 – 09/30/17. Car...
  9. J

    Enterprise Rental Nightmare

    First of all, posting on forums is completely new to me so if I am posting incorrectly or violating any forum rules, I sincerely apologize. I rented a vehicle from Enterprise in July of 2017 and one month after turning the vehicle in, I received an email stating there was “hail damage” to the...
  10. S

    Enterprise Honolulu- Questionable Practices

    It seems I have also been duped by enterprise. I was on my USAF reserve duty and had rented a car from enterprise at the Honolulu airport. The employee who rented me the car first had me inspect one car before deciding a different car would be a better fit and taking me to that car. After I got...
  11. John Yi

    Dent Damage Claim from Enterprise

    I had rented a vehicle from Enterprise at Germantown,MD location. I had returned the car around 7:40 am on 6/3/17 and dropped the keys at the drop box. Later that day after closing hours, a rep named Coby or Colby had called me saying there is dent damage to the roof the car. Now, the car had no...
  12. T

    Charged for damage that was not my fault.

    I recently returned a rental car earlier today that i rented from April 17th, 2017 till May 10th, 2017 to Enterprise at 1274 249 Adams ave. Silverthorne, Colorado 80498 telephone: 970-668-1727 ( A big tourist area). When I checked in with the employee (Eric) we went outside to look at the car...
  13. J

    Lost control of an Enterprise car and crashed into the railings

    I booked an enterprise car in Albany,New York yesterday and met with an accident. I lost control of the car and crashed in to the railings. The damage was pretty nasty, as the right front Tyre and the two doors were almost bust and so was the front bumper and the front axle. One of the airbags...
  14. S

    Enterprise false damage claim

    Saturday (July 23rd) we picked up a rental van from Enterprise car rental in Hamilton, Ontario Canada- yes I reserved the van 3 weeks prior. The place was so busy that day it was crazy, at least 5 people sitting in the waiting room and 2 more people outside trying to obtain a vehicle and the...