enterprise car rental dispute

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  1. R

    Call from Enterprise about car damage AND smoking?!

    Hi there! I’ve spent all last night and so far this morning reading these forums. But I feel I need to trouble you for advice. I was rear ended pretty badly the beginning of February. The other drivers insurance immediately decided they were at fault and approved a rental for me while my car...
  2. S

    Enterprise sends Damage claim after 1 and half years

    I took rental car from Enterprise on 5/8/2017, their was a minor scratch at the bumper, which they registered. I followed up with them to know the charges for the claim for next 6 months, so i could submit the same with my credit card company. But they never responded with the charges. Now...
  3. M

    enterprise claim

    After several emails and going up the chain of command to the 1st point of contact, the branch manager reached out. The email I received in return is below. They sent me a picture of the license plate as well as a screen shot saying I was the last person to drive it. They also sent photos of...
  4. R

    Disputing charges for pre-existing damage on Enterprise rental

    Greetings, all. I am seeking guidance on paths for disputing charges for pre-existing damage on an Enterprise rental from February 21 through March 14, while my own car was being repaired after damage from a coworker's car in the parking garage at work. I've attempted to summarize some key...
  5. Elegiul1983


    Approximately two months ago, I rented a car in Nuremberg, Germany. As always, I thoroughly checked the status of the car (scratches, dents, etc.) before driving away and there were indeed a few scratches that Alamo/Enterprise pointed out to me. All good. As the rental car office at the airport...
  6. T

    Enterprise filed a Claim on Rocker Panel dent

    I sure hope someone can help me here. I rented a car from Enterprise. When picking up the car, there's only 1 car available which is a Kia. The rental car place was pretty busy that day and we did a quick walk through and I didn't see a dent down below the door on the Rocker panel. A week later...
  7. pearsonspector

    Enterprise OVERCHARGED me $642 above total rental charges - Zero Response from Executive Office EHI

    Rented a vehicle from Enterprise @ Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport in ISRAEL. Total cost of monthly rental is $625.00. Kept the car for 27 days, rental station charged me nearly $1,300. Numerous calls and emails to the customer service went completely unanswered. Sent emails to...
  8. T

    Charged for damage that was not my fault.

    I recently returned a rental car earlier today that i rented from April 17th, 2017 till May 10th, 2017 to Enterprise at 1274 249 Adams ave. Silverthorne, Colorado 80498 telephone: 970-668-1727 ( A big tourist area). When I checked in with the employee (Eric) we went outside to look at the car...
  9. V

    Enterprise Damage Recovery - Broken Windshield

  10. E

    Enterprise Fraudulent Vehicle Damages Accusation-Assistance Requested

    I’m seeking assistance in disputing damages for a Dodge Journey rental through Enterprise. In August of 2016 I took in my Tesla model S to be serviced for a recurring break noise problem to the Tesla dealership in Buena Park, CA. Tesla as a courtesy provided me with a rental through Enterprise...