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  1. F

    Qatar Airways Open ticket

    I had abusiness class flight booked in june 2020 with Qatar Airways to fly from the Uk to Bangkok in january 2021 which they cancelled and offered me various options. I chose "Hold on to your ticket : Keep your ticket open and use it when you are ready with our extended 2 years ticket validity...
  2. S

    Capital One reporting 30 Days Late Payment, but statement was never received

    TL;DR: Never received a statement for a $3 charge in January, Capital One is reporting it as 30 days late to the bureaus. Have formally complained to Capital One via certified mail, [email protected], e-mails and phone calls to the executive team, disputed via mail to the credit bureaus...
  3. C

    Suddenlink/ Optimum

    I had a suddenlink bill that I forgot to pay. I never got a bill or anything reminding me and it got turned over to collections to Optimum. Well I never got anything from them about it. It's like I just slipped through the cracks. Well it hit my credit. And as soon as I saw it I wanted to pay...
  4. M

    Disputing damage on the car roof with National Car Rentals

    I rented a car from National 6 months back at the SFO airport and when I returned it, they said there was dings on the roof and they sent me an invoice for $450 for repairs. I rented it for business and I am confident that I did not such thing to the roof.I am a regular renter with National as I...
  5. M

    Enterprise claim

    Hello I have been reading this thread and followed the instructions for contacting enterprise. After returning the car, Enterprise is claiming over $3,000 in damage. I went ahead and followed the chain of command using the information that was told to be requested. I received a letter in the...
  6. H

    VRBO - Disputing owner's damage claim

    Hi, Just wanted to get the general opinion of the situation I am facing. Let me summarize what we had recently gone through via VRBO. (1) Booked rental in NH (2) On the day of our travel to the rental I had sent an email to the owner asking if grill was available, for which she had mentioned...
  7. M


  8. C

    National charging my family and I more than $3k in damages we did not do.

    My family and I are from California and made a trip to the east coast from May 25th-May31st for my brother's graduation. We flew in to and out of Newark Liberty International Airport and rented an SUV from National at the airport. When asked if we wanted insurance for the SUV, my father said...
  9. R

    Avoid GoldCar Car rental, especially in Malta

    Hello all, I'm posting this experience below as a warning to other travelers to avoid the GoldCar car rental agency, especially in Malta. Although all of the issues posted to this forum involve frustrating consumer experiences, many times it involves the application of a legitimate company...
  10. C

    Newlyweds in need of help on a credit card dispute with a local hotel

    To summarize our situation: my now wife and I reserved an entire inn (~20 rooms) for our wedding. The contract stated that we had to release rooms 30 days prior or be charged whatever went unfilled. At the 30 day mark, we confirmed that we still wanted all of the rooms that hadn't been filled...
  11. AAGK

    Credit card disputes

    There are a few nuances of this process that even savy consumers do not understand. I like this article bc it clarifies some of the murkier aspects. http://mobile.nytimes.com/2013/01/26/your-money/what-happens-when-you-dispute-a-credit-card-charge.html
  12. AAGK

    Sloppy Bookkeeping

    I have noticed that hotels and airlines are becoming increasingly careless record-keepers. While in my case I assume things will be sorted eventually after hours of annoying calls and disputes, I would prefer my vacation did not include homework. Some current examples include: 1. The hotel that...