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  1. WeaverFamilyFarms

    Facebook Disabled My Account - PLEASE Help me.

    My Facebook account was disabled. I found your info on a forum. I have contacted a couple emails you have listed here, did finally get an answer back from one pretty sure it’s copied and pasted to me 10 days after my account disabled. Says they will not give my account back. They refuse to say...
  2. S

    please help me my facebook account has been disabled

    :( i found this message after i opened my account Your account has been disabled For more information, or if you think your account was disabled by mistake, please visit the Help Center. in the first i delivered 3 notificatons to block my account in 10 days about copyrights about videos that i...
  3. P

    AA disenfranchises the disabled?

    I am a 63 year old retired professor with disabilities writing regarding activity and interaction with American Airlines. I was traveling with my wife from to LAS in October for an important family event. Because of disabilities related to my spine and extremity circulation I needed a seat...