delta airlines

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  1. J

    Delta cancelled my flight home because I didnt use the ticket out

    I'm on vacation with my folks and find myself battling Expedia and Delta Airlines for recanting on my tickets. The short of it is, I bought a ride to Fort Myers Beach for 2/18 and a ride home on 2/25 to Minneapolis. I decided to start my vacation early so I bought another ticket from Spirit and...
  2. T

    Help Us to get back home..PLEASE

    Hello..Im trying to get back to NewJersey before Oct,1,2018 with my 3children whose 16yr 10yr,and 8year of age. I'm on section8 and I am on low income. I'm reaching out for help..I'm here in Airway Heights Washington State,and needing to go back home to NewJersey..Im must go back do to my health...
  3. R

    Requesting a refund for health reasons

    Dear members of the Elliot Advocacy forum, Seven months ago , I made a reservation with Delta Airlines for a trip to Dakar, Senegal on 08/11/2018. Unfortunately, I am not able to travel because of a health condition. I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder; I am on disability and have to...
  4. H

    Delta Airlines: How best to Get Refund after accident Cancelled Trip

    I volunteered to help my sister (Amy) and her family get reimbursed for tickets from Loas to Cleveland and on the return flight from Detroit to Loas. They needed to cancel their summer trip back to the states since my sister had a biking accident and broke her hip and femur. The doctors told...
  5. M

    Severe food allergy and International flights

    I have a severe allergy to shellfish (shrimp, lobster, crab etc.), I cant be in an area where it is being cooked/served/eaten without having a severe, life-threatening reaction. I have tried to find an airline that does not serve shellfish on international flights but can't get anyone to give me...
  6. M

    Delta multi-day delay - worth compensation?

    I booked a flight for December 17 on Delta to fly from Spokane, WA (GEG) to Greensboro, NC (GSO) with stops in Minneapolis and Atlanta, as I was traveling home to visit family for the holidays. This led to more delays than I've ever experienced on an airline before. I was originally supposed...
  7. L

    Tale of WHOA!

    Hello fellow travelers! I wasn't sure where to post this because it involves a canceled flight, a missed cruise ship, 5 cabs, extra hotel nights, long drives, wet people and luggage, etc etc ad nauseum! My tale of WHOA! starts at 3 am on December 18th when I woke up for my 6 am flight from...
  8. G

    Delta - over 24 hour delay at LAX

    I'm reaching out with regard to the ordeal that my family and I experienced in August. We had tickets for Flight #308 which was flying from LAX to Cancun on Aug. 7, 2016 at 11:59 PM. However, our flight was delayed and changed several times due to the system failure. Our flight finally left LAX...
  9. E

    Delta = Don't Expect Luggage To Arrive

    I recently returned from a family trip in which we flew on Delta and my luggage was delayed for 5 days. I received it on the 5th day of our 7 day trip. Communication with Delta was horrible and they are forcing me to only communicate with them online when I want to speak to someone via phone...
  10. T

    Unrefundable Tickets

    I need your help. I purchased a round ticket from Delta Airlines to host my best friend's baby shower this weekend. However, she went into early labor. During her C-section, she lost a large amount of blood. It was scary because the doctors thought they were going to have to give her a...
  11. Colin Stein

    Trouble getting refund/credit, proper answers to simple issue

    I feel like this is a simple issue, and that I deserve either a refund or an airline credit (as I was promised by Delta representatives at various points) - but definitely resolution. Something. Why is this so difficult? Here is what I just emailed to Heidi Gould and Charisse Evans at Delta HQ -...
  12. C

    Wrong Date Created a Mess

    I am the mother of eight children, and we have not had a wedding in the family for 10 years. My husband is in ill health, and we were thrilled when our son who lives in Germany could afford to come to this family wedding on April 9 in Detroit, Michigan. The only problem is that he got confused...
  13. J

    Bumped down on one leg of trip from First Class to Coach at original cost

    Since I purchased a round trip full refundable, changeable first class ticket from Key West to San Francisco and return online directly from Delta, paid the amount by credit card, then was not allowed to select a seat in first class on the last leg, Atlanta to Key West , should I not be assigned...
  14. B

    Caught in South Carolina Flood, Budget Won't Budge

    We are stranded in Beaufort SC and cannot get to our timeshare on Myrtle Beach because Interstate 95 and local roads are flooded. Our vacation is ruined. We needed to cancel our Timeshare reservation and HGVC waived the fees because of the disastrous flooding in SC. They had a company email...