delayed baggage

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  1. 3

    Turkish Airlines - Delayed Baggage and Refusal to file Baggage Irregularity Report

    Hello, I flew on Turkish Airlines from Istanbul, Turkey to Baghdad, Iraq in December 2018. When my flight landed, I discovered all 3 of my baggage were missing. I immediately contacted the Turkish Airlines Office located at Baghdad Airport, I was informed that my baggage was not loaded from...
  2. atvs1

    Iberia Airlines - delays luggage, fails to provide information after 8 days

    On Friday July 13th, I flew with Iberia Airlines (ticket purchased through American Airlines) from Dubrovnik to Madrid and from Madrid to New York (JFK) coming back from a family vacation. Upon arriving in JFK I waited at baggage claim for approximately an hour before an attendant informed the...
  3. M

    Finnair - No compensation for Delayed Luggage

    I am having an issue with Finnair regarding compensation for my delayed luggage. Originally, I had already booked a return flight with Finnair from Moscow, Russia to New York City, USA with a layover in Helsinki, Finland. I checked-in my luggage at the airport in Moscow and got on board my...
  4. L

    Luggage delay of 12 days. Contact info for Luthansa?

    I enjoy reading your daily blogs and hoped never to need your help! I just returned from a 13 day European vacation and cruise. Do you have any contacts for Luthansa Airline? My bag was lost/delayed by the airlines. The originating flight was United, and tickets fees were paid to United. We...
  5. B

    Delayed Baggage Reimbursement - Icelandair

    Hello - I recently went to Reykjavik and flew Air Canada from Pittsburgh to Toronto and then Icelandair from Toronto to Reykjavik. When I checked in for my flight in Pittsburgh, I was told that I did not need to re-check my bag after going through customs in Toronto. When I arrived in Toronto...
  6. C

    Need quick answer - reimbursement for clothes needed today

    Hello and thanks to all the contributors here, I just discovered the site and i can already say it has more useful information than I have ever seen in one place and it's presented in a truly usable fashion. I am not 100% sure I couldn't find answers here without posting this, so I apologize if...
  7. K

    Delta Baggage Fee Rebate

    Recently flew back from Europe on AF/Delta. Originated on AF flight from CDG, checking 6 bags/boxes at a cost of over $800. Domestic entry point was ATL where I retrieved the 6 items for customs and then rechecked all for my ongoing Delta flight to my destination (TUL). Two bags arrived in...