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  1. A

    Insane Christmas Flight....16

    Our insane Christmas Story with Frontier Airlines. Plane #1: boarded at 1p.m. (on time) Christmas Day as husband needs to work the next day. We were on the tarmac for 30 min because "a door wasn't sealing" then they get it and we take off. Everyone gets lightheaded and they announce they have...
  2. Worldtraveller

    Iberia Airlines ignoring emails and will not resolve problems that they have caused.

    Booked a return flight with Iberia (we all make mistakes) from Paris to PTP for October, returning in November. Iberia told me that they were changing the date of my return flight by 1 day. I know that I am not entitled to compensation under EU 261/2004 (as more than 2 weeks notice was...
  3. M

    XL Airways reimbursement for luggage 6-day delay too low

    Hello! I will first give the short version: My mother and I traveled to Paris in September with XL Airways. When we arrived in Paris they informed us our bags were not on the plane, opened a case for us, and told us they would be delivered next day. We changed our travel plans and waited for...
  4. C

    American Airlines Compensation Question

    I'm looking for advice and help with a recent dysfunctional and horrific experience I had with American Airlines. I've already sent the, below, complaint to AA Customer Relations and their initial offer was a $200 voucher per person. I feel this initial offer comes well short of reasonable...
  5. R

    AirBerlin bankruptcy - what will happen to delayed luggage claims?

    Would any of you knowledgeable people know what will happen with AirBerlin claims for luggage delay/ loss that have not been processed and paid yet? I have been waiting for a settlement claim or payment denial from Airberlin for weeks, as this is needed for my travel insurance claim to go...
  6. I

    Frontier schedule irregularity and poor communication caused us to miss our flight--need compensatio

    Two other passengers and I were stranded due to Frontier Airline’s miscommunication and lack of communication. Frontier flight 226 from Denver to Columbus on 3/25/17 was indefinitely delayed due to maintenance issues. After standing around at the gate ready to board for quite a long time, one...
  7. lknisley96

    United Airlines Reroute + 21 Extra Hours of Travel

    I was booked on United for travel SFO-ORD-BTV on Sunday, 3/19, on flights UA624 (SFO-ORD) and UA565 (ORD-BTV). However, flight UA624 was delayed from 10:45am PDT to 1:30pm PDT initially due to unspecified mechanical issues (it would eventually leave 4 hours late). As soon as the delay was...
  8. J

    Assistance with Compensation following Terrible Flight Experience

    I sent the email below to customer support and detailed my experience on twitter. I received a generic apology following my twitter rant, but they made no mention of providing any compensation what so ever. I wanted compensation in the form of an upgrade on my return leg of my trip or equal...
  9. J

    5 hour delay on the flight from Salt Lake City to Amsterdam

    At the beginning of November I flew from Salt Lake City to Amsterdam. Due to a mechanical problem, my arrival to Amsterdam was delayed by 5 hours. Do I have a right to compensation under EU261? If yes, what should I be asking for? Thank you!