damage dispute

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  1. D

    Avis Fraudulent Car Rental Damage Claim

    Hello Friends, 4 weeks after renting and returning a car from Avis I received a letter in the mail from Sedgwick whom claims to provide administration services for Avis. Their claim is that I damaged their vehicle which is completely false. After searching online for help with these matters I...
  2. K

    Avis Charge for Deployed Air Bag

    Hi, I rented a car about a month ago from Avis, and I few days into the rental I drove over a deep pothole I didn’t see, and the airbag deployed. Besides the deployed air bag there was nothing wrong with the car and still driveable. I called Avis and they advised me to return the car and have...
  3. C

    Rental Company decided a car is a WRITE OFF. Is there a way to do a third party inspection?

    Background: - I reserved a Dodge SUV with Alamo/National/Enterprise - Signed the contract, declined Rental's CDW Wavier as my credit has rental car CDW coverage - Alamo realize they did not have Dodge in stock, so they upgraded it to a more premium SUV [*added*: I want to highlight that Alamo...
  4. I

    Help! Estimate of Letter received after thinking all was good :(

    Hi. I’ve read up on a lot of threads re: disputing charges to rental car damages when not at fault. In my case, I’m slightly at fault and not sure how to proceed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! TIA! Sorry in advance for the long post ;) We were in French Polynesia and our rental car...
  5. M

    enterprise claim

    After several emails and going up the chain of command to the 1st point of contact, the branch manager reached out. The email I received in return is below. They sent me a picture of the license plate as well as a screen shot saying I was the last person to drive it. They also sent photos of...
  6. Matthew D

    ERAC Damage Dispute

    So I was seeking guidance earlier this year regarding a damage dispute on this forum. I finally heard back from ERAC, after months of no communication. They were able to reduce the bill to $1300 (down from $1900+). They acknowledged some of the damage could have been preexisting, despite being...