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  1. T

    American Airlines poor Customer Relations

    In January of 2020 our family of 5 plus my in-laws purchased tickets to Hawaii for June. After the pandemic hit we were still on track to go but prices dropped on tickets significantly. I called an American Airlines representative to discuss our options. I was then instructed that due to COVID...
  2. S

    Turkish Airlines Loses Luggage, Claims Dept. Unresponsive

    I checked my luggage with Turkish Airlines on March 13 for a flight from LAX to DXB, with a layover in IST ... and I haven’t seen my bag since. I have “Star Alliance Gold” status, which means my bag was tagged as priority. After I got to Dubai, my final destination, and realized my bag was a...
  3. S

    AVIANCA AIRLINES - Unaccompanied Minor

    I booked round trip flights through for my daughter and myself to visit family in Colombia. When I booked the flights I was very specific in noting my daughter will be staying longer in Colombia and returning alone. I was told she would have to fly as an unaccompanied minor. She...
  4. V

    Qatar Airways: departure 23.July 2018

    Our flights were booked back in December 2017 with what I considered to be "perfect" connections through Doha to Kigali: less than two hours each way. I was contacted in January and informed about a drastic schedule change for all flights leaving from Philadelphia. As part of accepting the...
  5. Virgilio A. P. Machado

    Customer Relations too big to fail

    On April 6, 2017, at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, I was traveling with my spouse who is on a cane, needs a wheel chair or shuttle cart to move around in an airport, and my help carrying out her hand and cabin luggage. We were on flight AA 1020, from Dallas to Philadelphia. She...
  6. RitaK

    Air Canada Cheated Us!

    My husband and I were abandoned across our state with a 2-hour drive home (no car) after spending more than 12 hours in the Quebec airport, transported to an unscheduled layover airport, and had to stay overnight in an on-site airport hotel. They actually had two seats available, but - right in...
  7. U

    I missed a wedding of a 14 year friendship that I was in all because of a negligent Agent.

    on August 20th 2016, I flew with American Airline to Ohio for a wedding that I was to be in and to spend the week with my family. I am African, and for our weddings, we must buy a special fabric, and then we must also pay a seamstress to make it into a special design (Not exactly something that...
  8. Colin Stein

    Trouble getting refund/credit, proper answers to simple issue

    I feel like this is a simple issue, and that I deserve either a refund or an airline credit (as I was promised by Delta representatives at various points) - but definitely resolution. Something. Why is this so difficult? Here is what I just emailed to Heidi Gould and Charisse Evans at Delta HQ -...
  9. F

    British Airways

    I have an issue that has been unresolved for almost two years now but it involves a companion voucher so I do not want to give up on it. I have looked at your website contacts and will attempt them. I sent over 10 letters to BA Customer Relations after being told on the phone MULTIPLE TIMES...
  10. M

    Honeymoon nightmare with airlines: lost luggage + reroute + paid first but flew coach

    It seems everyone has a 'horror' story dealing with travel and airlines and we wanted to share ours with you and HOPEFULLY you can help steer us in the right direction to receiving resolution. Sorry, it is a complicated situation. But, I do hope you read. I do hope you respond. And, I very much...
  11. R

    Impossible to Refund

    My boss, Brian frequently travels and uses an AAdvantage CITI credit card. He has accumulated a large sum of American Airline miles and likes to give some of these miles away. On May 11st, 2015 , he gave permission to his friend to redeem miles for her daughter to fly from Dallas to Boston (a...