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  1. P

    Cruise Cancelled by Tour Operator - no refund, credit only

    I’ve searched the forums and can’t find an answer to a simple question. Does a cruise line or the travel company the cruise was booked through have to refund the money to the customer if the cruise line cancels the cruise (due to Covid). Most cruise companies are voluntarily refunding the money...
  2. P

    Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Poor Refund Policy During Coronavirus

    I am president of the Lakes of Delray Men's Club. We booked a cruise on the Grand Celebration - Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line (BPCL(. Because of the Coronavirus our members decided to cancel the cruise. We were never notified of a cancellation date. We canceled the cruise and directed the...
  3. F

    NORWEGIAN SKY: Cruise from HELL

    My family of 5 recently sailed on NORWEGIAN SKY from March 26 – 31, 2019 (Sailing # xxxxxxxbooked through Costco). Our experience was horrible, the service apathetic and crew obstinate. I AM DEMANDING A FULL REFUND OF $5,282.95. Why? Our experience is best described as a mix of...
  4. B

    Requesting a Credit or Refund from Princess due to Norovirus

    Hello everyone! I was hoping we can gain some insight on how to handle a situation with Princess Cruises (owned by Carnival). I'm posting on behalf of my parents, who were taking our whole family on a cruise to celebrate my dad's retirement and their 43rd wedding anniversary. Less than 48 hours...
  5. C

    Panama Canal cruise and Jones Act

    I am taking a Panama Canal cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line from Miami to Los Angeles on Oct 20-Nov 3 with the following itinerary: The second to last stop is Cabo San Lucas. I would like to...
  6. M


  7. R

    Royal Caribbean - Identity Theft

    Identity Theft at Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines - Beware I am a victim of identity theft and fraud by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. I work in the technology industry and am very sensitive to protecting my identity. Royal Caribbean was where I became a victim of identity theft. Background: In...
  8. AAGK

    Is this just business as usual?

    Or getting worse?
  9. Jo Peck

    IF WE'D ONLY KNOWN...Royal Caribbean

    January 6, 2017 We're both recently retired, and haven't been on a vacation in over a decade. After saving for many months, we planned on taking a cruise. We were booked on Royal Caribbean / Rhapsody Of the Seas for a cruise to the Western Caribbean from January 7 - 14, 2017. The cruise ship...
  10. K

    Complaint about complains

    So, I've posted my carnival issue here, I'm not sure where it goes from here but to compare my complaint to others and the outcome of theirs I looked on another site....... COME ON! it's no wonder costumer service is crap. The things people complain about on this one carnival complaint site is...
  11. A

    Holland America Cruise / Costco Travel Refund

    Hello, I have an issue with Holland America Line/Costco Travel. My family and I booked an Alaskan cruise I took with Holland America departing from and returning to Seattle, WA scheduled to embark on September 17th 2016. I was advised by a Holland America representative that a Canadian visa...
  12. D

    Blame the victim seems to be the theme recently

    This post is in response to today's newsletter in which the victim of 20 grand in lost luggage was mocked. Mocked for the amount of her luggage. This is a horrible thing and it hit very close to home for me. and I will post a link to my cruise critic post about just how hurtful it is when people...
  13. M

    transit visa or vistor visa?

    I am a indian Passport holder without any USA green card or permnanent residency. I have multiple entry 10 years valid American visa though. I am taking Alaska cruise starting from and sending in seattle in July. ship stops in only one Canadian port i.e Victoria British Columbia for 6 hrs. I am...
  14. M

    Honeymoon nightmare with airlines: lost luggage + reroute + paid first but flew coach

    It seems everyone has a 'horror' story dealing with travel and airlines and we wanted to share ours with you and HOPEFULLY you can help steer us in the right direction to receiving resolution. Sorry, it is a complicated situation. But, I do hope you read. I do hope you respond. And, I very much...
  15. M

    Holland America - Deceptive Port Changes and Horrible Customer Service

    I am writing today to share my horrible experience with HAL. The only other cruise I have ever taken was with HAL back in the 1990s and it was a wonderful experience. I have always thought of HAL as one of the better lines. That is part of why I have been nothing short of shocked by what has...
  16. J

    Appropriate Compensation

    With some great help from the team here at Elliott I received prompt communication back from Carnival after being turned away on my initial inquiry. Quick backstory - I took a cruise on the Carnival Miracle 9/5 - 9/12, both my in-laws and I shared a wall that caused shaking, vibrations, and...