credit card dispute

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  1. C

    Dell Financial Services/Web Bank deferred interest

    I made several purchases with Dell using their Dell Financial Services (Web Bank) credit line late 2019. They were purchased under a 1-year deferred interest program. When COVID-19 lockdowns took effect in NY and NJ, I lost my clients and have been unemployed. While DFS allowed me to skip 2...
  2. M

    Contractor stalled negotiations to exceed 120 days from credit card transaction.

    We paid a contractor advanced payments for services and materials Materials and services were never rendered and contractor breached contract Contract was terminated and requested refund for materials and services paid for that was not provided During our "good faith to resolve the issue with...
  3. K

    British Airways/American/ Travelocity trouble

    We bought 4 tickets to travel from Albuquerque, NM to the UK back in March of 2018 from Travelocity. I paid for these tickets in full at that time. May 25th we were due to leave on our 7 week trip to the UK. We arrived at the airport after car trouble an hour before our flight was due to take...
  4. R

    Citibank credit card account closures - without warning or explanation!

    Has this happened to anyone else? Last Friday (Sept 21), I tried to use my Citibank Prestige card and it was declined. I contacted Citibank customer service and was told my account(s) have been closed. WHAT? No notification by phone or email prior AND 800 customer service said they could not...
  5. S

    Chase Rapid Rewards CC Dispute

    In summary, I signed up for a Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Card with Chase Bank under an offer stating, after purchase of a first flight with the card, I would receive a $200 credit to my statement. After the flight was purchased, my statement posted with a balance of $197.96. Chase...
  6. E

    American Express/

    Hi all! Hope you can help me with this issue. This is a portion of a letter I wrote to American Express: On 8/2/17 I booked a room at the Aqualuz Hotel in Lagos Portugal through the website in the amount of $956.28 using my American Express card. Upon checking into the hotel on...
  7. T

    Refund after Allegiant Left Me Stranded in Las Vegas

  8. C

    Newlyweds in need of help on a credit card dispute with a local hotel

    To summarize our situation: my now wife and I reserved an entire inn (~20 rooms) for our wedding. The contract stated that we had to release rooms 30 days prior or be charged whatever went unfilled. At the 30 day mark, we confirmed that we still wanted all of the rooms that hadn't been filled...
  9. AAGK

    Resolving hotel disputes in person

    I thought I would start a new thread with my update bc I would like advice from you all. Feel free to move it back if I'm not supposed to do it but I'm standing here now at the Halekulani. As I expected, they claim I was a no show so they cancelled. The charge officially posted today. I told...