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  1. S

    FedEx denied claim for lost package

    Hi all, A friend recommended these forums as a place to get advice about this. I'm new here, so if questions like mine have previously been answered feel free to just link me to the relevant thread. I recently sent a broken phone from CA to TX for repairs. The company that made the phone, LG...
  2. R

    AirBerlin bankruptcy - what will happen to delayed luggage claims?

    Would any of you knowledgeable people know what will happen with AirBerlin claims for luggage delay/ loss that have not been processed and paid yet? I have been waiting for a settlement claim or payment denial from Airberlin for weeks, as this is needed for my travel insurance claim to go...
  3. R

    Airberlin flight 3 1/2 weeks ago- 2 delayed and 1 "lost" suitcase. How to file Chase Sapphire claim?

    On July 6 2017 my family flew with Airberlin from Berlin to New York JFK. Our checked-in suitcases did not arrive at JFK (as did the suitcases for at least 15 other passengers on that flight). I got my PIR form at JFK and got on the next flight to go home. I called the JFK luggage number...
  4. M

    Lost all phone data by robber employee in Marriott

    I had a terrible incident related crime/misdemeanor in Bangkok Marriott last June. On 14-June, 2017, visited Bangkok Marriott to go to rooftop bar, Octave and left my phone when I had stopped off at restroom on the first floor Lobby. Couldn't find mine on the day and next day, accompanied...
  5. L

    Should a passenger have to call their own travel advisory to gain the attention of AA?

    My 23 y.o. daughter, Susie (name changed for privacy) & her 17 y.o. cousin, Martha (name changed for privacy) purposely missed a leg of their flight from Paris to London on Saturday June 16th, 2017 as they were trying to avoid at least 1 area with a very heightened terrorism threat. My 23 y.o...
  6. B

    AirBerlin Lost Luggage

    On 16 September, 2015, I flew AirBerlin from Berlin to Paris, where I found out my luggage had been lost. Since then I have repeatedly contacted AirBerlin regarding this issue. I was offered something less than half of my claim of $700, which I refused. Subsequently I went through the German...
  7. P

    Received a claim from Sedwick

    Hi All! First time ever posting in a forum, and i'm hoping i can get some help. I received a letter in the mail stating that the car i rented from 11/11/16 thru 11/13/16 was damaged on the left bumper and the damage repair cost was $10,300. I have the rental agreement, as well as the receipt i...
  8. G

    VRBO theft reimbursement

    What recourse do I have for a claim for theft of $1,800 (including identity theft of ID and credit cards, jewelry and laptop) of goods while renting a VRBO? The property was managed by SenStay, and vacation insurance through VRBO was not purchased. A thief entered an unlocked back door on first...
  9. M

    Enterprise rent a car wrongful damage claim

    Hi, on July 29th 2016 I returned an Enterprise rental car back to caliber collision center in Anaheim, CA where I have initially rented the car from due to a car accident I was involved in. My insurance provided car rental and it was arranged for me to rent it at the spot where I drop of my own...