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  1. B


    Dishonest stuff, very unprofessional, not clear about regulation of baggage fee and visa, they speak very fast and unclear, it takes at least 4 days to reach out a manager. They are not careful if the tickets are not connected or connected. Lack of information. we were trying to get our flight...
  2. N

    Last name misspelled with one letter CheapOair ticket

    I purchased the tickets on March 7, 2020 on CheapOair website. Next day I realized there was spelling error in my husband's last name, one letter. I contacted CheapOair right away and asked for correction. I submitted several tickets to help desk, I spoke on the phone and sent emails. I was...
  3. A

    Refund or flight credit for nonrefundable British Airways Ticket

    I'm 17 and my mom bought me a plane ticket to see my aging parents who have health complications in the Netherlands. However, there is currently a level 2 travel advisory by the U.S. Department of State that says to use caution in the Netherlands due to terrorist activity. I'm a kid and I'm not...
  4. drryanjames

    OneTravel Booked Us on Day the Airline Does Not Fly September 19, 2018 We booked our tickets from Quito, Ecuador to Budapest using OneTravel, a subsidiary of CheapOair for June 1, 2018. We have used CheapOair many times in the past without an issue. Since we live in Hungary, finding an English-speaking travel agent is almost...
  5. Z

    Air Canada name change problem for my six year old/CheapOair

    So I must have had an auto populating problem (or so I am imagining) when I booked three tickets (myself, my husband, and our 6 year old daughter) to go to Switzerland in March. We were completely unaware of the problem until today when we looked at our credit card statement and saw that our...
  6. A

    EVA Air not letting me correct my name on plane ticket to the Philippines

    So, I am going on a habitat for Humanity trip to the Philippines at the end of December, marking the first time I have ever traveled outside of the U.S. After signing up for this Habitat build back in August, I went down to the post office and registered for my passport. Upon receiving my...
  7. O

    Duplicate my name and last name on the ticket

    Good morning Im really stressful about an airline ticket I booked on My name and last name are duplicated on the confirmation ticket. I call the Airline but told me the 3rd partie only can fix it. I been all day on phone with several cheapoair agent.. Want me to send my passport...
  8. E

    Need to make a name change, China Airlines wants us to pay $1000 for the ticket change

    Please help! I booked a ticket for my friend via Cheapoair for a flight on China Airlines for an upcoming trip on September 18th 2017. My friend's name is complicated and I made a mistake in inputting her name, her last name is missing from her reservation. (She has two middle names so I...
  9. G

    Honeymoon Help

    I was in the process of making a CheapOair reservation when my internet connection failed. I am stationed in Okinawa, Japan and this happens from time to time. When the internet worked again, I had a confirmation email from CheapOair for the reservation that I had not completed or confirmed with...
  10. R

    Cheapoair refund

    so here's my problem I booked a flight last jan 25 2015 and it got cancelled due to a bad weather so i called cheapoair to tell them that ill just do a refund and the teller told me to do the refund at american airlines so i did. Feb 16 cheapoair called me to verify my address so they could mail...
  11. P

    CheapOair vs. Me, help!

    RE: CheapOair Refund of Cancelled Reservations and Reimbursement of Cancellation Fees Dear Mr. Ritchie or Customer Protection Representative: This is with regard to the cancellation of all my online reservations. I would like to bring to your attention that I called and cancelled all of the...