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  1. A

    Chase & Zelle refusing to refund money

    On March 5th a payment of 800 dollars was sent to the wrong person using Chase Quickpay through Zelle . This was to pay my rent for the month, to my surprise after two days when my payment didn't go through to my husband my heart sank. Somehow an old telephone number from my husband was still...
  2. kyroller

    Chase Bank Withholding Unemployment Funds Over 6 Months While "Investigating Fraud"

    June 11th, 2020 Chase Bank personal checking suddenly and inexplicably closed. No access to my $5,929.56 balance. Kept getting runaround with customer service on the phone for hours trying to find out why account was closed after more than 4 years as a client with no issues. June 12-15, 2020...
  3. Loree

    Co-Worker on police video using my stolen credit card, Chase will not refund

    Hello all, a co-worker stole my credit card, used it at an ATM for cash advances. Then he put the card back, so I did not know it was used. Saw the transactions on my account and reported them promptly. I never do cash advances at ATM's, too many fees. I was confused because the card was in my...
  4. J

    Fraud claim being kicked around between chase and paypal

    Hi I submitted a fraud claim within 60 days of the statement date of a large fraudulent transaction from my bank account. Chase has been reviewing the claim for months and seemingly is not interested in helping me get the money back even though i believe I should be entitilted to it. I believe...
  5. S

    Chase Ultimate Rewards won't give me back my money even after confirming their mistake

    I found out about this website from reddit and I wanted to try my luck by posting over here as well. Apologies in advance for wall of text. I purchased a flight from NY to Toronto back in April for a wedding, realizing I have enough points, I purchased it through Ultimate Rewards. A few days...
  6. S

    Chase Rapid Rewards CC Dispute

    In summary, I signed up for a Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Card with Chase Bank under an offer stating, after purchase of a first flight with the card, I would receive a $200 credit to my statement. After the flight was purchased, my statement posted with a balance of $197.96. Chase...
  7. E

    Lost Chase credit card points on a United website error

    Hello all, I hope someone is able/willing to help me. Thank you for reading this. I was looking to book a trip from DC to Southeast Asia on United Airlines. I checked the website and found acceptable flights available from 5/5/18 through 5/20/18 for 180,000 (business travel) miles. Because I...
  8. Barefootpalms

    Bank Wire from PNC to Turks and Caicos help

    I wired $3500 from my PNC account to my personal account in Turks and Caicos on Dec 12. We do this wire many times a year with no problems, so know all info and numbers are correct. As of today (Jan 6th) it's still "stuck" at the intermediary bank, JP Morgan Chase. Dec 12th went to my local...
  9. L

    Dispute w/Chase Resolved in Favor of - - Fair?

    On 9/8/17 I was helping my adult daughter comply with a mandatory evacuation order as she lives in southeast Georgia, directly in the path of what was then Hurricane Irma. As we drove north, we used the app on my phone to book a hotel reservation, which were difficult to secure due to...
  10. R

    Airberlin flight 3 1/2 weeks ago- 2 delayed and 1 "lost" suitcase. How to file Chase Sapphire claim?

    On July 6 2017 my family flew with Airberlin from Berlin to New York JFK. Our checked-in suitcases did not arrive at JFK (as did the suitcases for at least 15 other passengers on that flight). I got my PIR form at JFK and got on the next flight to go home. I called the JFK luggage number...
  11. J

    Chase booked me on a non-existing Delta flight; cost me $1052

    The following story is pretty complicated, so I'll try to limit the narration and just provide the facts. I'm also new to the forum, so I apologize if this should have been filed under other (instead of airline). 1) I have been a Chase credit card customer for 2.5 years. 2) On 12/27/16 I...
  12. T

    Refund after Allegiant Left Me Stranded in Las Vegas

  13. D

    Chase Rewards / Aer Lingus Flight Changes

    I'm at a dead-end with a unique issue and looking for suggestions; this is a case of Chase Rewards and Aer Lingus each pointing at the other to "blame" for not being able to solve an issue. After my wife's year-long cancer treatment and surgery, this Spring we booked our "bucket list" trip to...
  14. B

    Marriott/Chase credit card bonus not honored.

    I entered my application on a Chase/Marriott portal page on the web offering 50,000 Marriott points requiring a spend of $2,000 in the first 90 days plus 5,000 Marriott points for additional authorized user. My account received 10,000 points for a reason unknown to me. I have been dealing with...
  15. J

    Chase Southwest Visa not honoring offer

    We were recently sent a Chase Southwest Premier Visa offer to spend $1000 within 3 months and receive 50,000 Rapid Rewards Bonus. Since I already have the card, we applied for a second one in my husband's name. We met the requirement in about 2 months but had not received our points. I...