chase travel points

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    Chase Travel unable (so far) to rebook cancelled Cape Air flight

    On June 21, 2020 we cancelled a previously booked flight from BOS (Boston, Mass.) to MVY (Martha's Vineyard, Mass.). This flight was scheduled for June 24, 2020 and was booked at a cash rate of $638.00 but paid for with Chase Ultimate Reward points via the Chase Ultimate Rewards travel portal...
  2. J

    Double refund from Chase Travel. How to fix?

    Thanks to COVID, I cancelled flights on Air Tahiti Nui (scheduled for May, cancelled on April 8th) through Chase Travel. The flights had been paid for with a substantial number of Chase Ultimate Reward points for a value of just over $4000. The points were immediately credited back to my Chase...
  3. D

    Chase Rewards / Aer Lingus Flight Changes

    I'm at a dead-end with a unique issue and looking for suggestions; this is a case of Chase Rewards and Aer Lingus each pointing at the other to "blame" for not being able to solve an issue. After my wife's year-long cancer treatment and surgery, this Spring we booked our "bucket list" trip to...
  4. J

    Miami to Salvador flights canceled and not rebooked

    Hi and thanks in advance for any help! We have the following problem: Our flights to Salvador, Brazil, purchased months in advance, have been canceled by American Airline and they refuse to rebook us on other flights because we purchased our tickets through Chase. Chase says they can't help us...