car rental

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  1. M

    Terrible experience with Hotwire

    Last Sunday May 30 2021, I used Hotwire to book a rental car from San Francisco airport. I selected to pick up the car at 7pm that day to return two days later. After going through the purchase process they unveiled my provider which was Sixt Rental Car. It all sounded good, but when I arrived...
  2. C

    Hertz false claim of damage

    Hello All, Have an issue with Hertz trying to charge me $800+ for damage to a rental that was not as a result of my driving. A little background, my truck had to go to dealer for repairs that would take approx. 4 weeks, the dealer offered a rental via Hertz, upon picking up the vehicle (thats...
  3. K

    Alamo car rental damage recovery unit

    Hi I rented from alamo Miami airport on 11/5/20. I picked up the car- chevy suburban and went back to my apartment in Miami to pack up the car. I declined CDW because I have full coverage auto insurance on Progressive. It was a one-way car rental. On Saturday, 11/7/20, my wife, 6 mos baby, and I...
  4. T

    Sixt - How will disputing after-hour drop-off damage claim affect my insurance claim (rentalcover).

    Hi all, I have been a long-time lurker, first-time poster. In summary, I have received a damage claim email from Sixt Damage Team, 2 months after my rental period. And after looking through the internet (especially this forum, has been very helpful) it seems to be a somewhat very common...
  5. 0

    Car stolen

    I am currently renting with enterprise and my car was stolen while I was sleeping at a friends house. I was beyond exhausted and didnt realize I left my keys in my car. Now I am stuck and lost on what to do because I cant get through to anybody on customer service . I was able to file a police...
  6. J

    Is it time to ditch Thrifty Blue Chip?

    I have accumulated a good amount of points with Thrifty Blue chip. Had a free week rental in Maui back in February which saved me $500 or so. Not sure my balance right now as their website has said the points are down temporarily. But with Thrifty being part of the Hertz umbrella, and Hertz...
  7. M

    My Car Rental Horror Story Overseas

    I am writing to share my experience with a car rental scam in Australia while I was studying there. I have been advised by the Help Desk to post this to the forum. I rented a car from an Australian company called East Coast Car Rentals. My rental vehicle was in poor condition and suffered a...
  8. J

    AVIS Says I caused damage

    Hello, I am looking for some help. I just received a letter stating that I owe $486.28 for windshield damages, it also states that I am only responsible for returning the vehicle to working condition.However, there was no damage that I was aware of, nor was there any mention of damages when I...
  9. joaobrondi

    Damage scam - JoyRent Bergamo Airport

    I rented a car in Italy for two days with JoyRent, a simple car (Citroen C1). When I got at the airport they said that they did not have the car I rented and that I've got a free update. No offer of insurance or anything. I went to the pickup place, the lady took me to the car, made some notes...
  10. B

    Alamo ruined my Labor Day weekend '18, and has yet to reply to my inquiries or offer any compensation

    I had to abandon my entire holiday weekend travel plans after arriving at MEM airport to pick up my Alamo rental; being informed they had run out of cars; and that they had no available inventory for replacements at any other nearby location, even for the following day. I reserved a three-day...
  11. I

    Help! Estimate of Letter received after thinking all was good :(

    Hi. I’ve read up on a lot of threads re: disputing charges to rental car damages when not at fault. In my case, I’m slightly at fault and not sure how to proceed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! TIA! Sorry in advance for the long post ;) We were in French Polynesia and our rental car...
  12. C

    Enterprise damage recovery unit

    Just got a letter stated there was damage or loss on a car i rented for a day. Wrote them a email asking for pics, receipt, all the paper work, proof and what not. Still waiting on a reply from them but I KNOW there is no damage that needs my attention. Can I please have the contact info to the...
  13. crobgordon

    Hotwire Not Honoring Rental Agency Guarantee

    On December 20, 2017, I booked a rental car through Hotwire's Hot Rate program. I was aware I wouldn't know the name of the agency until the booking was final. However, prior to booking, I poked around on and saw the following guarantee: "If you book a Hotwire Hot Rate, you are...
  14. L

    Contact information for EBookers

    Hello - I made a booking through for a car rental in Seattle for September. I have never had a problem using this website, but this time around, Hertz said they could not honor my reservation because the rate I was quoted was for non-Americans. I have since discovered that others...
  15. S

    AMEX authorizing $9000 charge over credit limit

    I am new here and hope that I can find answers or help finding answers to my cc dilemma. I will make this very brief as possible and answer any questions thereafter. Irresponsible adult son needed a credit card in order to rent a car. I happened to have an AMEX Optima which has a credit limit...
  16. A

    Sixt Clutch Damage Claim

    Sixt claimed €1629 clutch damage to a vehicle when I undoubtedly know how to drive stick shift. Followed the steps on this forum about how to dispute a claim but Sixt still insists that clutch damage is not cumulative and I caused all the damage to the clutch. Here's the email I sent them...
  17. G

    Uncle Hit Rental Car in Driveway

    Hello, I rented a Kia Soul in Florida from Avis. The vehicle was parked in my (wife's) uncle's driveway when her uncle had backed up into the bumper. The bumper crumpled and his insurance company had covered the cost of repairs ($682.44). However, they did not cover the fees from Avis... Now...
  18. K

    SiXT car damage claim

    Hi, I have recently received correspondence from SiXT Munich (airport) in relation to a car rental from February 17. I upgraded car (concious of icy roads) and then also took full insurance with 0 excess options for fear of an accident. The driving conditions were terrible from Munich to our...
  19. C

    National charging my family and I more than $3k in damages we did not do.

    My family and I are from California and made a trip to the east coast from May 25th-May31st for my brother's graduation. We flew in to and out of Newark Liberty International Airport and rented an SUV from National at the airport. When asked if we wanted insurance for the SUV, my father said...
  20. M

    Enterprise Car Rental

    Does it not seem hypocritical to list Enterprise as one of the sponsors of this site while still getting the most car rental complaints?