car rental damage

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  1. E

    False damage claims by Enterprise

    After an accident with an uninsured car, my insurance company (GEICO) gave me a rental through Enterprise. When I went to pick up the car, they said everything with the car was ok, and insurance for the rental was covered by Geico. I had the car only for a few days, and on one of the days, I was...
  2. K

    Alamo car rental damage recovery unit

    Hi I rented from alamo Miami airport on 11/5/20. I picked up the car- chevy suburban and went back to my apartment in Miami to pack up the car. I declined CDW because I have full coverage auto insurance on Progressive. It was a one-way car rental. On Saturday, 11/7/20, my wife, 6 mos baby, and I...
  3. T

    Sixt - How will disputing after-hour drop-off damage claim affect my insurance claim (rentalcover).

    Hi all, I have been a long-time lurker, first-time poster. In summary, I have received a damage claim email from Sixt Damage Team, 2 months after my rental period. And after looking through the internet (especially this forum, has been very helpful) it seems to be a somewhat very common...
  4. Dwayne Coward

    How To Deal With a Car Rental Damage Claim

    We receive a lot of cases dealing with rental car damage claims. In many cases, these claims can be received weeks or months after the rented vehicle is returned. The fact is that when renting a vehicle, the rental agreement the consumer signs make them responsible for any and all damage to...
  5. J

    AVIS Says I caused damage

    Hello, I am looking for some help. I just received a letter stating that I owe $486.28 for windshield damages, it also states that I am only responsible for returning the vehicle to working condition.However, there was no damage that I was aware of, nor was there any mention of damages when I...
  6. joaobrondi

    Damage scam - JoyRent Bergamo Airport

    I rented a car in Italy for two days with JoyRent, a simple car (Citroen C1). When I got at the airport they said that they did not have the car I rented and that I've got a free update. No offer of insurance or anything. I went to the pickup place, the lady took me to the car, made some notes...
  7. G

    Enterprise - Shady Rental Damage Claim

    Hello everyone, I've been reading material on this website for months. I love learning all sorts of different travel hacks and tips to make each and every trip a smooth, wonderful experience, and I enjoy arming myself with information ahead of time should something go wrong. I didn't think I'd...
  8. R

    Budget is charging me for damage I did not do

    I rented a car from a neighborhood Budget location in Kansas City, Mo and returned the car at the Budget Airport location 4 hours and 39 minutes later after driving 47 miles; this is pretty much the distance between the two locations. There was no damage done while the car was in my possession...
  9. J

    Enterprise Rental Nightmare

    First of all, posting on forums is completely new to me so if I am posting incorrectly or violating any forum rules, I sincerely apologize. I rented a vehicle from Enterprise in July of 2017 and one month after turning the vehicle in, I received an email stating there was “hail damage” to the...
  10. L

    $800 "recovery" fee from Nextcar

    In July, 2017 I had a rental car from Nextcar in Baltimore. During my trip, I scraped against a post, causing a small scrape on the drivers' rear panel. I paid my $500 deductible to Nextcar, then another $127, then my insurance took care of the rest and closed the claim. Now I am receiving...
  11. B

    Need advice on creditcard rental car claim

    Background: no1 was hurt, dmg was only my rental car, no police report was filed So my CC has rental car coverage but for the claim, the CC company asked me for me personal auto insurance. I dont even want my auto insurance company to know about this incident cuz that could drive up the...
  12. K

    Hertz will not provide me with a copy of the final repair bill

    I have been trying for months to get the final repair bill on a vehicle I damaged on May 9, 2017 in England. I have made many calls and sent many emails to numerous contacts within Hertz. I need the bill in order to be reimbursed by my credit card company insurance. It feels like Hertz wants...
  13. T

    Sixt Car Rental in Iceland--help please!

    I rented a car with Sixt for 5 days in March of 2017. Red Chevy Cruise with winter tires, got gravel insurance at a great rate. I chose to pick up the car from Reykjavik instead of the airport and save myself a few days of rental fare--we planned on staying in the city and would not have a need...