car rental accident

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  1. J

    Budget Viking issue (car accident, not at fault)

    Hello everyone, Glad I found this forum! I'll to keep this brief. In early March 2019, I rented a car from Budget. All was well until I got rear ended. Cop was called. Police report indicated that I was not at fault. I called my insurance and other side's insurance. After much back and forth...
  2. M

    My Car Rental Horror Story Overseas

    I am writing to share my experience with a car rental scam in Australia while I was studying there. I have been advised by the Help Desk to post this to the forum. I rented a car from an Australian company called East Coast Car Rentals. My rental vehicle was in poor condition and suffered a...
  3. L

    $800 "recovery" fee from Nextcar

    In July, 2017 I had a rental car from Nextcar in Baltimore. During my trip, I scraped against a post, causing a small scrape on the drivers' rear panel. I paid my $500 deductible to Nextcar, then another $127, then my insurance took care of the rest and closed the claim. Now I am receiving...
  4. B

    Need advice on creditcard rental car claim

    Background: no1 was hurt, dmg was only my rental car, no police report was filed So my CC has rental car coverage but for the claim, the CC company asked me for me personal auto insurance. I dont even want my auto insurance company to know about this incident cuz that could drive up the...
  5. G

    Uncle Hit Rental Car in Driveway

    Hello, I rented a Kia Soul in Florida from Avis. The vehicle was parked in my (wife's) uncle's driveway when her uncle had backed up into the bumper. The bumper crumpled and his insurance company had covered the cost of repairs ($682.44). However, they did not cover the fees from Avis... Now...
  6. J

    Enterprise Unfair Collision Damage Claim

    Hello, I had rented Enterprise hourly rental car (from their CarShare program) from Arizona State University Campus in August 2016. I rented the car in the morning. I got into an accident with another car. This is what happened: There were 3 lanes and I was driving in the middle lane at 25 - 35...
  7. M

    Enterprise rent a car wrongful damage claim

    Hi, on July 29th 2016 I returned an Enterprise rental car back to caliber collision center in Anaheim, CA where I have initially rented the car from due to a car accident I was involved in. My insurance provided car rental and it was arranged for me to rent it at the spot where I drop of my own...
  8. J

    Car Rental Damage Question

    Hello. I could use your help. I rented a car over a month ago. On Jan 6, another driver pulled out of his parking spot and hit the side of my car, as I was passing by. He was at fault, and admitted it, although he could not produce any proof of insurance at the time. I returned the car on Jan...
  9. R

    Auto Europe wont sign release form for insurance payment

    I had rented a car in Australia from Europcar. I was in a minor accident and I explained how every thing had happened when i returned the car. Three months later, I received their claim letter and I filed all the documents with my citi card which provides world wide primary car insurance. This...