cancelled flight

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  1. K

    Acceptable, fast resolution

    Just wanted to post a thank you to Elliott Advocacy and the forum for all the information that helped me resolve my issue with AA to my satisfaction. Problem: After a weather-related canceled flight, AA booked us on a Delta flight early the next morning (tickets printed by AA at the check-in...
  2. W

    Frontier Airlines Flight Cancelled and No Reimbursement After Over 3 Weeks

    On August 3rd 2018 my connecting flight from St. Louis, MO to Denver, CO and then to San Francisco, CA was cancelled a couple of hours before it was supposed to depart. I wasn't aware the flight was cancelled when I got to the airport because for some reason they sent everyone emails saying that...
  3. K

    73-hour delay in Auckland with American Airlines with toddlers

    Our family, which includes my husband and two daughters (2 and 4 years old), just returned home late on Monday, January 8 – more than 73 hours after the original arrival time for our AA flight from AKL to ORD. I take over 100 flights a year, with PlatinumPro status on American and 1K status on...
  4. M

    TAP Portugal Cancelled return flight without replacement

    Hi! I am a college student studying abroad in France next semester and I leave on September 1. I booked a round trip flight through Travelocity on TAP Portugal in March and was then notified from Travelocity in June that TAP cancelled my flight home and that there isn't a replacement flight. I...
  5. L

    Question about cancelled flights

    Hi, Last January 2017 I purchased a round trip ticket on United Airlines for my son to fly home for his sisters wedding in April,2017. He successfully flew from Aspen to Seattle via Denver on evening of April 6. On April 9 as he was ready to return, he tried to check in and found that his...
  6. L

    Who owes me a refund - the travel agency or the airlines?

    Greetings! I hope all are well. I booked five round trip tickets on Delta Airlines for family members to travel from Baltimore, Maryland to Accra, Ghana. The total for the tickets was $5,750 ($1150 each). I used a local travel agency because it was significantly cheaper than booking directly...
  7. M

    Cancelled/Changed Flights and customer's rights

    I booked tickets from St. John to Albuquerque, NM leaving on January 3rd back in June. I received a call from American approximately three weeks ago saying that changes to my flight had resulted in a "miss-connect" and that I would need to call them to reschedule. When I called American to...
  8. L

    1/2 cancelled flight

    Thank you for any help you can provide! At the end of October, I booked a round trip flight with Expedia. I called to cancel it within 24 hours and the clerk only cancelled 1/2 the flight. I didn't notice their mistake because I was preoccupied making new reservations. I live in Connecticut...
  9. C

    LAN airlines nonresponsive on canceled AA codeshare flights

    Hi all, In mid August I booked passage from SFO to Peru and Ecuador through LAN airlines. I did this on the LAN USA web site. My flights went through MIA so I could join up with the rest of my party, who live in the Midwest. The SFO-MIA and MIA-SFO flights are a codeshare with American...
  10. C

    How to prevent JustFly from canceling my Lufthansa flight?

    My husband was using Kayak to find a one-way transatlantic flight. He did not realize that Kayak had redirected him to an online travel agency called JUSTFLY, until he received the purchase confirmation. He thought he had been directed to the Lufthansa booking site. I became nervous about using...