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  1. Dumbo_octopus


    I booked a roundtrip flight IAD/MLE in May 2021 for travel in November 2021 directly on The tickets price was $3,001.15 total (economy saver fare - 2 adults and 1 child). Before I booked I did read the full and detailed fare conditions and understood that I would get a full refund...
  2. abwnurse

    Refusing to Help Frontline Workers

    Hello I am the director of nursing at a local hospital here in Atlanta and my wife is a curriculums support teacher in the busiest school district in Atlanta Georgia. We have been asked to share our story so that the media we’ll see how NCL is treating front line Covid workers. When our fist...
  3. L

    Target keeps on cancelling my order

    I received a gift card from a family member and I did not have a target account, so I made the account and tried to purchase something with just that gift card, to my surprise it got cancelled in the next 30 minutes, I tried again and another cancel. It keeps on saying they can’t process my...
  4. K

    Membership cancel

    2/22 11p.m. Membership paid $44.02 via I realized that the payment was a mistake. Make call center 800-960-4778. call failed. Already close. 2/23 AM. I contact the call center. They said, Membership Department is no phone and can only be...
  5. K

    Cancelled flight - or was it?

    My partner and I had reservations to fly from Philadelphia to Grand Rapids Michigan on July 2 with a return flight on Friday July 6. The outbound flight was great- we even arrived 30 minutes early. The return flight however, was non-existent! On Friday morning, two hours prior to the...
  6. G

    I recently cancelled a flight on Emirates Airlines which was booked at a reduced restricted fare in first class. The cancellation fee was $800.00. D

    I recently cancelled a flight on Emirates Airlines which was booked at a reduced restricted fare in first class. The cancellation fee was $800.00. Days later, I determined that first class was sold out suggesting that the space was re-sold. I understand that change and cancellation fees are...
  7. M


  8. R

    AirBerlin cancelled/ rebooked tickets twice - connecting flights issues/ cost

    I booked tickets for our family of 4 from JFK to Berlin, and then on to Rome (with British Airways Avios for AirBerlin flights).The flight was scheduled to depart from JFK at 23:30 on June 13 2017 when it was booked. I booked flights from our home town RDU to JFK on American Airways to...
  9. T

    Return flight cancelled by Saudi Airlines, costing me lots to get back home. Help?

    Hi Elliott, thanks for responding. I'll post the email I sent you here. And Hi everyone, I'm new to the site and forum, and I'm really hoping my problem with Saudi Airlines can be solved somehow. :) Anyway, here goes: I booked 4 RT Saudia tickets in October through Orbitz, but one day -before-...