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  1. K

    United Airlines Safety and Health Code Violations Embraer RJ145 / SEAT 18A

    4/11/18 FLIGHT UA4160 (Express Jet Airlines Inc. dba United Express) Embraer RJ145 / SEAT 18A Dear United Airlines formal complaint: HEALTH CODE AND SAFETY VIOLATION On my flight 4/11/18 from NEWARK to Buffalo (Flight information below) was beyond anything I can describe. I have never been so...
  2. J

    Airbnb demands a note from a doctor for a refund

    Long story short: we rented a house in Santa Monica for a week. After a first night we found that we got bitten by bugs quite severe. We contacted the host and told this. She said that we have to show the bugs to her which had bitten us, otherwise it's not her problem. Then we filled a claim to...
  3. DoYouKnowPeter

    Google Help

    Hello, When it came time for me to replace my phone a year and a half ago, I took a risk and did something I have not done since the first iPhone was released..... I went with an altogether different phone. At the time, the Google Pixel & Google Pixel XL were not out, yet, so I waited patiently...