budget car rental

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  1. D

    Budget outrageous cleaning fee

    On January 18th, I realized that Budget LAX took $279 from my bank account (January 16th,2021). I called to know why, and I was told that I was charged a cleaning fee, which shocked me. The car was returned on Dec. 30th and nothing was noticed by the agent; that same day I got an ebill stating...
  2. S

    Budget charged $218 for a dead battery after only driving 1.1 miles

    On June 11 ,2020 I rented a Nissan Sentra from Budget Rent A Car in Tucson Arizona for a trip to Denver Colorado. I drove the car 1.1 miles from the rental center to my home where my partner and I loaded it and prepared to depart for Denver at 4:AM the next morning. In the morning the car was...
  3. E

    Budget False Smoking Charge - Horrible!!

    DON'T TRUST BUDGET CAR RENTAL. Horrible!!!!! Do not use!!! 6 months after we rented a car at the Budget Denver Airport, we just were charged a $250 fee for smoking in the car. MY WIFE AND I DO NOT SMOKE. No one smoked in the car when we had it. I never had a cigarette in my life, ever! Budget...
  4. T

    Budget False claim, end of options?

    Hello, I like many here I have received a false claim of damage and after reading through posts and suggested steps here, have gone through all of them and I'm not sure what else I can do at this point. I'm wondering if anyone else might have any suggestions. Here's a quick overview of events...
  5. G

    False damage claim from Budget/Viking Billing services

    Familiar story around here but I received a call from somebody claiming to be Viking billing services last week. They told me they were collecting damage fee on behalf of budget in excess of $900. I asked her for some details on the damage and she said something about a gas cap o-ring being...
  6. J

    Budget Viking issue (car accident, not at fault)

    Hello everyone, Glad I found this forum! I'll to keep this brief. In early March 2019, I rented a car from Budget. All was well until I got rear ended. Cop was called. Police report indicated that I was not at fault. I called my insurance and other side's insurance. After much back and forth...
  7. andreabellucci

    Forced to buy optional and un-needed insurance, making it mandatory

    Hello anyone, I'd love to share my experience with you all, and I hope to get help here Today I picked my budget car up (booked on rentalcars.com; paid at Budget counter), but after a while the operator has started to push me a lot to add something like an insurance for my vehicle. She made me...
  8. B

    Tow Charges with Budget.

    Last Tuesday evening, I was pulled over for running a stop sign. Unknown to me, my license was denied/suspended. The officer told me it was due to an unpaid ticket, which I knew I had paid. Because the license was denied, he said he was required to tow the vehicle. The vehicle was towed to...
  9. S

    Budget Loss of Use Fee question

    My credit card will only pay a small amount of the loss of use fee that they feel is reasonable. They are waiting on a release letter from Viking before they will pay the deductible and small loss of use fee. Now I will have to pay the balance because my insurance company doesn't pay that...
  10. M

    Budget car rental inflated authorization on wrong credit card

    I recently had a very unsatisfying with Budget at the Atlanta airport. I rented a car for my work/FEMA. Everything was fine until I noticed a 14K pending fee on my personal credit card. The attendant made 2 huge mistakes. I specifically had given her my company credit card for this transaction...
  11. A

    Rental Car Reimbursement After Missed American Flight

    I was traveling home from Maine and had a connecting flight in Philly before flying into O'hare. My first flight was delayed, which caused me to miss my flight to Chicago by only a few minutes. Sure enough, this was the last flight into Chicago for the evening, and apparently no other airline...
  12. J

    Budget No Show

    I reserved a car through Costco for Budget car rental. I made a point of confirming the car rental two times before arriving at St George Utah airport: both one week and three days before arriving (directly with Budget; once via email, the other by phone). Upon arrival at the airport, I was told...