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  1. B

    Lost baggage on Level Airlines

    My daughter was one of the many study-abroad college students required to come home early on 3/3/2020. We booked the trip using Expedia as we are regular Expedia customers. Amanda checked her one bag in Rome and changed flights in Paris before heading to Newark Airport. The itinerary was...
  2. J

    Norwegian Baggage Charges

    We were charged $360 by Norwegian at our Orlando check-in for 2 bags over their 20 kg limit. One was 4# over and the other was 6# over. Norwegian allows 2 - 20 kg bags per ticketed person. We only had the 2 and were well within our Total Weight Allowance. Norwegian doesn't see it that way...
  3. F

    American Tagged My Bag Incorrectly-Bag lost for 9 of 10 Vacation Days-Refuse to Pay me ANYTHING

    Thank you for reading my case. This happened last December. My son and I were traveling from Cleveland, OH to Panama City, Panama via Miami on American Airlines. We were going away for 10 days. The first leg of our flight was delayed, thereby causing us to miss our connection. We were given...
  4. W

    AA1612 - Had to buy 2 tickets for the same flight

    I flew back to California on American Airlines last week. There is a flight from Greenville, South Carolina to Dallas to Palm Springs. I bought the legs separately in order to avoid having to make an extra stop at Charlotte and run to get the flight while travelling to Greenville. Earlier...
  5. J

    Air Canada (lost baggage)

    On January 6th 2018 my daughter and I checked and paid for two pieces of luggage on segment LGA\YYZ\YGK. When arriving at the destination one piece arrived the other to date has not been returned to me. As is per Air Canada’s procedure I filled the delayed/lost report. A week later I completed...
  6. B

    Ethiopian Airlines - Newark Baggage

    I have had no luck in getting anyone at Ethiopian Airlines at the Newark airport to answer their phone or to return my messages left on their voice mail. I'm trying to track down a piece of luggage that Delta supposedly passed on to them 3 days ago. Any advice?
  7. R

    AirBerlin bankruptcy - what will happen to delayed luggage claims?

    Would any of you knowledgeable people know what will happen with AirBerlin claims for luggage delay/ loss that have not been processed and paid yet? I have been waiting for a settlement claim or payment denial from Airberlin for weeks, as this is needed for my travel insurance claim to go...
  8. R

    Airberlin flight 3 1/2 weeks ago- 2 delayed and 1 "lost" suitcase. How to file Chase Sapphire claim?

    On July 6 2017 my family flew with Airberlin from Berlin to New York JFK. Our checked-in suitcases did not arrive at JFK (as did the suitcases for at least 15 other passengers on that flight). I got my PIR form at JFK and got on the next flight to go home. I called the JFK luggage number...
  9. B

    AirBerlin Lost Luggage

    On 16 September, 2015, I flew AirBerlin from Berlin to Paris, where I found out my luggage had been lost. Since then I have repeatedly contacted AirBerlin regarding this issue. I was offered something less than half of my claim of $700, which I refused. Subsequently I went through the German...