avis claims damage

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  1. D

    Avis Fraudulent Car Rental Damage Claim

    Hello Friends, 4 weeks after renting and returning a car from Avis I received a letter in the mail from Sedgwick whom claims to provide administration services for Avis. Their claim is that I damaged their vehicle which is completely false. After searching online for help with these matters I...
  2. S

    Avis car accident / initial auto rental agreement??

    Hi there, I had and accident with my rental car and made the claim to the credit card already. The credit card is requesting the Initial Automobile Rental Agreement but b/c I am Avis Preferred this document doesnt exist. What I should do or request? Thank you.
  3. S

    Resolved: Viking called me saying I owed them $500 for Avis repair

    Just like other poster, I rented a car from Avis in Orlando airport Apr 2nd and returned Apr 10th. Got the call from Viking a month later about a repair bill. I requested all the info when I was on the phone and the lady said she will email me everything she had. After reading some post from...
  4. B

    Timeline for Rental Car Damage

    Hello everyone, My husband and I rented an Avis car early July 2017 in Calgary, Alberta within Canada. Unfortunately we hit a deer in Montana shortly after crossing into the US. Thankfully, no one was hurt (except the deer), but the car did sustain rather significant damage. We were able to...
  5. D

    Avis and Viking Billing

    I know, sounds like a broken record, but this is slightly different than what I could find in other posts. During my rental period, weather was not friendly, and I received some hail damage to the rental. I honestly didn't see anything, but when I returned the car, the lot attendant found 3...
  6. P

    avis damage claim with photo evidence before rental

    I recently rent a car from avis, i did not do through check of the car before rental. There is a little bent found when I returned it. I have to write a damage report when I return the car, but I indicate in the document that I don't have any damage during my rental. I know that is weak. But...
  7. P

    Avis/Sedgwick false claim bill for $8000 !!

    I'm new to this country and this is the 2nd time I rented a car and both the time it was with Avis. Here's my experience with Avis. On 26th May, I picked up the mini-van (Dodge-Grand Caravan) from Avis rental office at around 5.30 pm. At the time of pick-up, I noticed the message "Oil Change...
  8. C

    AVIS Damage Claim

    Hello, I rented a car from Avis in Starkville, MS. I inspected the car before leaving lot. No damages to it. When we returned it, we parked it and went to the AVIS counter. A young rep took care of us and processed our bill. I paid. He never mentioned we should check the car or he never...