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  1. S

    Terrible Experiences long term

    I’ve been having problems will my mobile device speed and reliability since I changed to AT&T in 2008. I’ve also been having problems with my U-verse service since installed in 2011. Have had equipment replaced multiple timed. Had my IT friend over who fixed everything and this is what he found...
  2. M

    $95 additional charge for changing cell service?

    Hi--Was wondering if anyone has experience in dealing with AT&T on this one...I saw my data usage was going up, so I switched plans on line to a higher usage plan that does not charge for overage (it just throttles a bit when you get to your limit). I figured since I was going to a higher level...
  3. K

    Being Charged for a Faulty Cell phone

    I used an annual upgrade to acquire an LG G5 phone over a year ago. Since then, I've had it replaced at least 3 times - nearly every 3-4 months - with no clear cause as to why my phone stopped working. None of them had external or water damage, but they would simply stop turning on or...
  4. Sterling


    On 2 March 2017 I called AT&T to request cancellation of my account as I was moving to Verizon. I asked the representative to cancel my account. I wanted to question her on billing. As to whether or not the billing was in advance and if in fact there was any type of prorating that needed to...
  5. B

    AT&T Backtracking On Promise

    To get to the point with the least amount of rambling here is my current issue with AT&T. I was on a reduce rate plan (frozen account) and it ended. I called again and was able to get on it once more. My SIM card was not in my phone and there was no usage on the line at all. So instead of...
  6. Z

    AT&T Landline service outage

    I will first explain my situation: I live in a rural area and recently there was some flooding. My own yard is safe because it is on high ground. I was not aware of the flooding until I drove into town to get groceries. I am a caretaker for my widowed disabled mother who has diabetes and...