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  1. B

    AMEX Delta Reserve Annual Fee

    I was charged $550 renewal on my Amex Delta Reserve card for benefits that I will not be able to use for the foreseeable future. I love Amex and Delta. I have diamond status and eager to fly again. I have not flown since March and don’t expect to fly again until this Spring. I have excellent...
  2. V


    Hello, Please beware of American Express Serve card. Out of nowhere they suspended my account permanently"as they say", for reasons unknown to me! I went to pay my rent for me and my two boys and sure enough I couldn't even access my account, I then called only to receive a rude Voice mail and...
  3. C

    Hotel charged separate charge for a room THEY moved me to.

    Stayed at the Albergo Gigli D'oro Suite in Rome (July 29-August 2, 2017). The toilet flush wasn't working and someone had to keep coming to the room - it would work and then it wouldn't. After two nights they moved me to another room - said it was an upgrade but I wouldn't have to pay the...
  4. Pedro_R

    Credit Cards - How I put a freeze on all my credit cards (Visa, Amex, MC)

    Just wanted to share this, in case someone else is in my situation. I wanted to control the use of my credit cards, or more precisely, get rid of a bunch of automatic monthly charges that I have of them. You know, cloud storage for my iPhone, Google Drive Space, name it. I had so...
  5. S

    AMEX authorizing $9000 charge over credit limit

    I am new here and hope that I can find answers or help finding answers to my cc dilemma. I will make this very brief as possible and answer any questions thereafter. Irresponsible adult son needed a credit card in order to rent a car. I happened to have an AMEX Optima which has a credit limit...
  6. R

    Global Entry revoked because AMEX disputed the charge

    This is a warning for everyone not to trust the representatives at your credit card company to resolve problems correctly. A seemingly innocuous problem with a card benefit can cascade into a catastrophe. Always be skeptical that the action proposed is the correct resolution, because one stupid...
  7. QuattroGirl

    AMEX Merchant Ignored Dispute Process, Using Debt Collector - Here's What's Fishy

    Hello: AMEX decided a dispute in my favor, because Spa Brokers (the merchant) ignored the dispute process. The merchant didn't collect my signature when the product was purchased, nor when it was delivered. That is presumably why it refused to participate. The merchant subsequently submitted...
  8. AAGK

    Credit card disputes

    There are a few nuances of this process that even savy consumers do not understand. I like this article bc it clarifies some of the murkier aspects.
  9. Paperkitty

    Amex Bluebird - need direction *long*

    Hi everyone! I've had a nightmare of an experience with American Express/Bluebird and I'm hoping y'all might be able to direct me on how I should go about lodging a complaint and to whom I should lodge it at. Some back story: My husband and I live in Louisiana and he enlisted in the army...
  10. J

    American Express fails to honor frequent flyer promotion with Delta

    In August, 2015 I applied for & received an AmEx card to take advantage of their 50,000 frequent flyer promotion with Delta. I specialty told the representative that. In order to get 50,000 miles I had to charge $1,000 to the card in 3 months; which I did. When I contacted Delta, they confirmed...
  11. S

    Amex charging baggage insurance on all Delta tickets but policy is not valid

    Not sure if you guys have any advice on how to pursue an issue with Amex and baggage insurance. My family and I flew to Atlanta the Friday before thanksgiving for a bar mitzvah - 3 formal events over the weekend and then thanksgiving. My wife's bag was lost. It’s Dec 11th and the bag still has...
  12. AAGK

    Does Amex not advance points anymore?

    The last time I used them for travel they still advanced @ 60k in points. The agent I spoke with had never heard of this (um, ok) but said they don't do it. I think he may be correct. Does anyone know offhand?
  13. D

    An example of bad Customer Service by Amex

    Here is an example of POOR customer service by Amex. First, some background: My Dell Laptop, purchased with my Business Amex card died after 2 years. Motherboard, dead. Being a computer tech, I tried first to revive it, and then, as I was going away, Dropped it at a colleague's shop to look at...