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  1. K

    Acceptable, fast resolution

    Just wanted to post a thank you to Elliott Advocacy and the forum for all the information that helped me resolve my issue with AA to my satisfaction. Problem: After a weather-related canceled flight, AA booked us on a Delta flight early the next morning (tickets printed by AA at the check-in...
  2. A

    Refund or flight credit for nonrefundable British Airways Ticket

    I'm 17 and my mom bought me a plane ticket to see my aging parents who have health complications in the Netherlands. However, there is currently a level 2 travel advisory by the U.S. Department of State that says to use caution in the Netherlands due to terrorist activity. I'm a kid and I'm not...
  3. F

    American Tagged My Bag Incorrectly-Bag lost for 9 of 10 Vacation Days-Refuse to Pay me ANYTHING

    Thank you for reading my case. This happened last December. My son and I were traveling from Cleveland, OH to Panama City, Panama via Miami on American Airlines. We were going away for 10 days. The first leg of our flight was delayed, thereby causing us to miss our connection. We were given...
  4. H

    American Basic Economy Change

    Hello, My sister recently booked a flight on American in basic economy. She understood when booking that there were restrictions on luggage and that no refunds or changes were possible. However, we did need to change her flight by a day so she just went ahead and bought a new flight, due to the...
  5. F

    Refund refused after told by rep I'd get one!

    I purchased a last minute ticket to fly to Daytona from Washington, DC on Friday October 27th, a few hours before the flight left. I bought this ticket to urgently see a close friend in the hospital who was dying and subsequently did die 2 days later. A friend offered to drive me home on...
  6. 5

    Twice boarded, twice cancelled, two extra nights away

    Recently, my fiance Brooke and I travelled to Merida, Mexico (flying there on United, which went off without a hitch) but flying back on American. The morning of our flight back to the U.S., we noticed that the flight time had been moved from 2:45 to 12:45, as you can see from the attached...
  7. M

    Family emergency? American does not care.

    I have an American Airlines ticket booked to Hawaii in August for my honeymoon, or what would have been my honeymoon (it's still five months out, plenty of time to re-sell a ticket in my opinion) but circumstances have made it impossible for my fiancé and I to go. His mother is extremely sick...
  8. T


    In 1968, my parents purchased a lifetime membership (no longer offered) in my name with American Airlines Admiral Club. Two years ago, American stopped honoring the membership and after initially claiming I was deceased, they then claimed that I was an imposter, and then finally, (after all of...
  9. Linda R

    Up Up and away ? and do you know that I'm a VIP Flyer

    Very interesting. Check out his Twitter as well.
  10. D

    Stranded 2 times for a total of 4 days with no compensation and not one (1) returned call by AA

    On may 8th 2015 I was traveling from Cleveland to London via Chicago . I was supposed to be in flight 86 to London. After waiting for 3 hours at the gate the allowed us to board the plane then made us wait for 2+ hours on the plane , then asked us to exit the plane and wait at the gate for...
  11. B

    Unable to board standby with standby ticket and empty seats.

    Hi, I redeemed 40,000 AAnytime miles with American for a trip from Wichita, Kansas to Tampa, Florida on Dec 5, 2015. To be clear, these were the AAnytime miles that have the the Same-Day flight change and standby option. This is shown on
  12. R

    2 month old infant with flu - AA doesn't find it exceptional?

    We recently had to cancel a trip to Greece because unfortunately our 2.5 month old daughter got the flu virus 2 days before departure and the doctor advised us to not take the risk of flying. We were really looking forward to this trip and were bummed to have to cancel so close to the date. I...